School and Lands Speculation, and a few tidbits of information trickling in elsewhere.

Aside from Bryce requesting that I post his picture back on my masthead next to Sattgast's, I'm hearing stuff about the PUC in the last day or so.

I had a nice note from Jarrod Johnson noting that his website is moving forward, with a promise to let me know when it's live. Coincidentally enough, I'm also hearing information from others with regard to the race. But not about Jarrod.

Apparently, another GOP challenger is considering a run for the Office of School and Public Lands.

I'm not going to let the cat out of the bag just yet, because I need some more confirmation before I'm satisfied. But apparently a legislator has been going around seeking input from his peers about a possible candidacy against Bryce.

With another candidate or without it, School and Lands is shaping up to be one of only two or three competitive statewide races this fall.

Except for School and Lands and PUC, there are no Democrats stepping up to the plate for the other offices. And I don't see many Democrats actively pushing Volesky for Governor.

It's not like I can say much about my side of the aisle either. I haven't seen that Herseth candidate riding in on a white horse yet.

Although, this last week I was hearing renewed speculation on Butte County States Attorney Jim Seward - that he was seriously considering it. I'd relegate it to rumor and gossip status at this point, but a Seward candidacy does have possibilities. Jim is a candidate that many Republicans could get behind and support.

Things could start to solidify on the races soon. Aside from it being petition time, I have heard from my sources that State GOP Chair Randy Frederick has put the call out to party people that he wants to know who is running and who isn't.

Good luck on that one. From my party days as campaign coordinator for the State GOP, I know that legislators can be really wishy washy on that. During session, some days they're ready to give it another try, and on others after their bills have been blistered they're ready to say to blazes with the process.

The only day when everyone will be sure is April 5th. The day after petitions are due.


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