Since I mentioned it to one, I better mention it to all

Yes, the links and rotating pictures above are available for advertising purchase.

As part of my "stylistic upgrade", I made allowances for that to help offset my expenses in maintainting this blog and my equipment. Believe me, I'm not getting rich on this, but I do want to be able to offer a nice product and to purchase some server space for media files.

I could do a little of it for free, but it's a pain and there's advertising typically hooked up with it. I also want to delve more into video and that requires serious space. Hence, shilling for dollars.

The vertical banner ad on the right, and a similar one that will be on the left are going to be $50 a month, and the rotating pictures above will be $20 each/month. The hard coded text links at the top of the page will be $30 each/month.

They are going to be sold "first come first served." And whomever has it first has the option of determining how long they want it.

I will have a few other rules on the pictures (file size, type of image, who hosts it), but those are the basics. I will not be limiting the advertising by political affiliation, but neither will purchasing an ad guarantee any favorable treatment. In other words, you're buying an ad because of the exposure my 5000 web hits a month gives you.

If you're interested, let me know at . While advertising can be sold without sales tax needing to be paid, rest assured I do have one (for those wondering.)

Below is an abridged site meter report for this last week, just so you can see that I do get that many hits. And that's visits, not hits, of which I got 2694 for the last week.

                  --- Visits this Week ---                 
Hour 1/18 1/19 1/20 1/21 1/22 1/23 1/24 Total
---- ----- ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ -------
------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ -------
255 256 237 103 137 239 227 1,454
So, like I said, drop me a note at if you're interested.


Anonymous said…
Speaking of the rotating photos at the top, what is the Harrison & Morton Club Deadwood, Dakota? Is that some sort of old stock certificate?
PP said…
That's a silk campaign ribbon. one of the few things I kept from my formerly exptensive political collectible collection.
Anonymous said…
So those who don't pay receive donations in kind?? Or is Rich S. going to cut you a weekly check?
PP said…

To answer your question, those pictures and links associated with them or not are otherwise up there at my whim.

If someone wants to pay me for a spot, all the better, and I'm happy to leave it static.

If Rich has a campaign website, if he wanted me to, I would likely link to it, and it would be counted as an in-kind.

Although, I'm sure he'd rather have a check. If you look on his 2002 report, I was one of his bigger campaign donors
PP said…
So, to answer your question, no. Don't consider anything up there now as a donation of any sort. Just because something is up there doesn't mean it's advertising.

I'm just as likely to link Stephanie's picture to BOJ's website showing her as a comely cheerleader I am to her Congressional site.

Anything up there now is strictly window dressing.
Anonymous said…

Who in the SD legislature this year will stand up for doctors and patients and propose a medical marijuana bill this session?

Perhaps we'll have another 11-1 committee vote against common sense...
Anonymous said…
As in Benjamin Harrison and Levi P. Morton election of 1888. Of course the residents of Dakota Territory couldn't vote in that election because statehood didn't come until 1889.

BTW, Harrison won the electoral vote and the Presidentcy that year but lost the popular vote to Grover Cleveland by 109,000 votes.

Wasn't the first time that happened to the Democratic candidate and it wasn't the last time either.

That really is a cool political collectable. Don't let any of the little p's color on it.

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