My 500th post. 1 year from the date I initiated the war college

This is oddly appropriate for the SDWC anniversary/milestone of 500th post.

I was having an e-mail discussion last night with a very good Republican who indicated that they wished they could blog, but really can't with the position of authority they hold within the party. One point they brought up to me was that there are a few Republicans out there who don't like the fact that I'll sometimes take on a fellow Republican over something they said or did.

Like an old western movie scene staged outside a saloon, it's like I'm standing in the dirty western street hollering "Okay Republican- I'm calling you out." And, o.k. There will be some people who don't care for it. As I'm told, there ARE people who don't care for it. But don't expect me to stop.

Yes guys, I'm familiar with this mantra out there attributed to Ronald Reagan that "Thou shall not speak ill of a fellow Republican." I agree with the conservative Reagan philosophy in many instances. But this isn't one of them.

My argument? If we don't police ourselves against our own shortsightedness and abject stupidity, are we doing the people we claim to represent any justice? How does it do the party good if we refuse to debate and argue amongst ourselves? Are we bringing forth the best argument if 3/4 of us stand in silence muttering to ourselves "That's not good idea, but I just don't know if I want to say anything."

No. Absolutely not. The act of signing a voter registration form does not automatically shut my mouth, bow my back, attach my lips to someone's rear end, and force me into a group hug. To me, the R behind my name does NOT say that mediocrity is acceptable as long as we just don't make anyone mad. I think it means we try our best to empower individuals to forge thier own destiny.

And please take note that it's not just me. I'm not the only one who thinks we need discussion and debate. I'm not a lone wolf out in the wind when I'm saying that Republicans need to do better, and we have our game face on when we go into battle. Those of us who think this way tend to be labeled mavericks, rebels within the party. A few of us have heard the term "Renegade Republicans" used. Because we want to debate and discuss, we're labeled.

I would guess that our founding fathers would shudder at the thought that debate is a negative.

One of the sayings that has always stuck with me and is appropriate to quote at this moment is an Alexander Hamilton quote. Those who stand for nothing fall for everything.

I think that's what sums up the movement of these renegade Republicans who are moving into the spotlight. And it's not just the GOP that's become more strident about disagreement. I see a bit of it on the other side of the aisle.

Do those who came before us have the right to complain about those of who aren't willing to go along just to get along? Do they have the right to say we need to step back in line and quit complaining about our leaders? Sure they do. But before they start complaining too much, they need to reflect upon where we learned all of this.

We learned it all from them.

Generation X learned to fight the status quo from the baby boomer generation. They protested, we write, and we blog. 35-40 years later we think we're fighting for something better. And 35-40 years from now, we're going to be grumbling about the snot nosed upstarts in the political system who think we're too quick to compromise.

I suppose one could describe it as the circle of politics.

So we're going to continue to be out there. Those who question the status quo, and those who stand up and say that they're just not going to take the hook dangled in front of them because everyone else is doing it.

Those of you who don't like it, sorry. But take heart that we're going to get the same thing from those who follow us many years down the line. I hope in the years ahead that I can listen to what they have to say ands appreciate that they have the party's best interests at heart.

So, try to remember that "you" used to be "us" all those years ago. And instead of grumbling, listen and ask questions of us. We might be making a valid point.


Nicholas Nemec said…
Are the Mainstream Coalition members "Renagade Republicans" or, don't they have the right to stand up and say "Are you nuts?".

All to often bills in the SD legislature are decided on the basis of who the sponsors are rather than on the merits. I've seen this happen more times than I care to admit. Sometimes a loud shout of "are you nuts" is enough to derail a goofy idea. Sometimes they get into law (trucking tax circa 1996 later repealed). Sometimes they get vetoed when the Executive comes to his senses and realizes the stupidity of his own ideas (medical provider tax circa 1995 or 1996).
Anonymous said…
Poor Nicholas is in dark again.

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