No-on-E campaign begins to ramp up

A group of J.A.I.L. breakers are starting to gear up and there's a few people who should start to sweat over this.

The No-On-E campaign, who's website will be at NO-ON-E.COM, has just fired their first salvo back at the Judicial Accountability Act and it's a doozy. I just got done watching their 10 minute DVD which has gone to out many local Government officials across South Dakota, and I predict it's going to be a devastating injury to the Amendment E supporters.

It does a great job of pointing out the wackiness of the California proponents of the measure, as well as provide the Public TV coverage of Bill Stegmeier's testimony (or lack thereof) on the resolution condemning Amendment E during this last legislative session.

Senator Lee Schoenbeck gets some good screen time questioning Stegmeier as to when he planned on being prepared to discuss Amendment E since he's the one who got it on the ballot. Bill looked more sheepish at that moment, despite all the fierce talk coming about the refusal to discuss it after the fact.

I wish they could broadcast the whole ten minutes so everyone in South Dakota can have the opportunity to watch it before they consider whether or not they are going to vote for it. Legislators and businessmen take a moment to discuss how it's going to damage not only our legal system, but will cripple our economy. Dana Dykhouse talks about how banks depend on the rule of law and a stable legal envoronment in determining the cost of credit. And JAIL would send it all into chaos.

The Video is excellent stuff, and it's soon coming to a city near you.


Haggs said…
Is this just going to government officials or will regular people be able to get copies?
Anonymous said…
Well it's about time the "regular" the ones who serve on township boards, utility boards, school boards, licensing boards, the parole board, city commissions, jurors, etc...the good, civic minded citizens that will be the target of the anti-government lunatics that are trying to foist this off on South Dakota...get to hear what the Amendment really says and does under the guise of "accountability." The Amendment E circus, starring Branson, Bonnie, and BS is about to be run out of town! There's no amount of lipstick they can put on this pig to disguise it's downright ugliness.
Anonymous said…
I don't know how these things work as I'm not that computer literate, but can't this video be posted on a web site so people can watch it via the computer?
PP said…
nonnie, I was thinking about it, but even compressing it and exporting it to flash, 10 minutes is a HUGE video file.
Anonymous said…
PP -

I would think their website will have the video.
Anonymous said…
You have got to see this video . . . I saw it this past week. The guy from Tea who is the local stooge for the California backers of this harebrained idea was just hilarious. He went to a hearing to talk about the law. When they would ask him a question about what the law means, all he could say was, "Mr. Chairman, I respectfully decline to answer any questions." It was like some guy sitting in front of Congress pleading the 5th. Anybody that watches this video and then thinks the law is a good idea is hopeless.
Anonymous said…
PP, do you have the times and specific locations for the upcoming debates on Amendment E? Will you be posting info about the meeting in Gregory on the 6th? And could this video be available to be watched by those in attendance at those meetings? After the meeting would be fine as I'm sure the pro-E people don't want to see it.

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