oh yeah, I swapped around a few pictures.

If you haven't noticed (if they're not there, hit your browser's refresh button), I changed up a few pictures at the top of the page.

Manny Steele, Dennis Schmidt, Isaac Lattrell, Katy Dressen, and a few others are gracing the top banner for a while (or until someone displaces them by coughing up $20 a month for a banner ad linked to their website).

I'm well on track to beating my record of 12,000 visitors this month, so it's not like you won't be getting some exposure.

e-mail for details.


Anonymous said…
Recently saw Lattrell at a public event. Didn't seem to know anybody and didn't make an effort to meet anybody. You can close the body bag on this one. Not ready for prime time. Doesn't even look old enough to vote. Are you sure he's of legal age?
Anonymous said…
Are the pictures supposed to link up to the candidates websites? If so, it's not working for me. Lot of new faces, it would be handy if they had some description of who they were.
Anonymous said…
I saw Lattrell on KELO. "I stand for the unborn." Good for you, sparky, you've got my vote!
Anonymous said…
On my browser, some of the links correspond to who used to have the position on the banner. Shantel Krebs's picture has a link to Jarrod Johnson's website, the Vote Napoli sign is linked to Russell Olson's website, and Billion is linked to School & Public Lands.
Anonymous said…
This looks like a conspiracy PP. I expect the Bruce Whalen photo will link to the Steve Forbes for President site or the Stormo for House site or maybe the Brock for Governor site or perhaps the Adelstein for Senate site...all winners.
PP said…
Sorry, I havent' gotten into the banner webpage (it's separate) yet to change the coding.

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