But what about Frank?

Dave Kranz goes through a laundry list of possible Billion running mates in his column in the Sioux Falls Argus Leader today:
Lars Herseth, Houghton; Craig Schaunaman, Aberdeen; Mel Olson, Mitchell; Sharon Casey, Chamberlain; Ron Volesky, Huron; Renee Sutton, Burke; or a Republican defeated on June 6th.
He's forgetting the best one.


Anonymous said…
Is there someone out there with the last name of Million, Trillion, or Thousand, or at least Hundred?
Anonymous said…
Let's bring Bill Janklow in as Billion's running mate so he can remind everyone about how Rounds has singlehandedly undone Republican government by raising $20 million new taxes annually and increasing the size of state government by 800 employees and forcing 80% of school districts to opt out and raise property taxes.

Didn't take long with Rounds to out-liberal the Democrats. Imagine the outroar if a Democratic governor had the record of Rounds and his 2/3 majority.

Why aren't all of you Republican so-called conservatives talking about the tax and spending spree?

Billion should have a Republican on his ticket or at least offer some cabinet positions to them and have them out full time bashing Rounds' complete lack of restraint. Oh yeah, how would he get by without the new plane and new mansion?
Anonymous said…
What about Kate Looby?
Angie said…
Would the Republican to whom you refer be Stan Adelstein?

Even though Frank does have good statewide contacts, I do have serious doubts about him.
PP said…
I'm not sure who Kranz was referring to. They were his words not mine.
Anonymous said…
Kate Looby Please say you are kidding!
Anonymous said…
Kloucek!?! Please say you're kidding!!!

By the way, who's this Hauck fellow and what's his story? Never heard of him. What's he doing to win the senate seat from Frank? Or is Randy Frederick going to give Frankie another pass like he did during the last election?

And checking on Frank's state reports, what did he spend his money on in the last election? Seems the boy is carrying a lot cash around and spending it for no apparent reason ... or maybe he's sticking it in his own pockets.

What's the deal?
Anonymous said…
Frank K. from Scotland would be without a doubt bring the warmth to Billion's cold persona. He is a warm, caring individual that always makes certain that the small person in SD has his (or her) say!
I can only hope that Mr. Billion has the sense to ask the Senator to bring his SD values to the Billion ticket. GO FRANK!!!
Angie said…
Since when is Jack Billion cold? If you've talked to him for more than 3.7 seconds, you should have seen that he is a warm, genuine guy, who cares about what he's talking about, and doesn't garble out whatever he thinks people want to hear.

As to Frank's race, he's gearing up for a pretty bloody battle. Apparently, the senate race in Bon Homme has a habit of turning into a smear campaign, and he thinks this year will be no different.
Anonymous said…
I thought that's what Todd Epp was doing?

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