Stephanie denies the right, Deep in the heart of Texas

From the Dallas Morning News, Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth participates in a Rally to tear down the Texas GOP:

Senate hopeful Barbara Ann Radnofsky challenged Democrats on Saturday to mount a campaign of "courage and optimism" to reverse the GOP tide in Texas.

Speaking to about 6,000 Democratic delegates and alternates, Ms. Radnofsky cast her campaign to unseat Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison as an opportunity for voters to reclaim trust in government.

Her speech capped a two-day convention that served as a sendoff for a Democratic slate looking to win its first statewide election in more than a decade.

Political moderates dominated the proceedings, beating back a challenge for state party chairman by liberal activist Glen Maxey of Austin, a former House member who was Texas' first openly gay lawmaker.

Featured speakers during the biennial gathering included Gen. Wesley Clark, a 2004 presidential candidate, and U.S. Rep. Stephanie Herseth, D-S.D., who opposes abortion rights and won statewide election in a state President Bush has twice carried overwhelmingly.

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Anonymous said…
who is the guy that is running against Congresswoman Herseth? You never read about him in any newspaper articles.Has he always lived in South Dakota?
Anonymous said…
Bruce Whalen - born and raised on a South Dakota reservation and a conservative Republican, which is a real oddity in Indian country.
Anonymous said…
You never will read about him in any paper, before, or after the election-toast.
Anonymous said…
Whalen grew up in Pine Ridge but moved to Utah as a teen. He returned to South Dakota in 1999.
Anonymous said…
Since when has Herseth opposed abortion rights?
Anonymous said…
The artical stated that really bad. Herseth opposes Pro-Life Issues and condones abortion rights. And you don't hear about Whalen because the papers won't give him coverage. He is out there working with his Republican Base. I heard him speak a few weeks ago in Spearfish. Very impressive!
Anonymous said…
Herseth will probably name her first-born EMILY L. (List) Herseth-Doe. Her pro-abortion roots run deep.
Anonymous said…
You hear as much about Whalen as you did when the Democrats had Volesky. Sure, it's a great story, but the bigger story is that the guy can't raise any money and is going to get beat by 25 points in a bright red state with an abortion measure on the ballot.

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