The South Dakota War College's IT department was at work tonight

Sorry for light posting. The family has been here for the last few days, and my computer took a major dump last night, losing a power supply.

I got most of the family out of town, with the exception of my #2 daughter who decided to hang out with dad for the week. We did a family thing by ourselves, and we went and took in CARS tonight. (excellent movie, BTW.) We even managed to run into South Dakota Broadcaster Tony Dean and his wife at the theatre. Although I thought I saw another SD political figure there out of the corner of my eye, but it was dark, so no confirmations.

I did manage get the computer off the bench, and I'm oficially back up and running after a power supply transplant. (Luckily I had one on hand intended for a computer I was thinking of building).

Lots of upcoming excitement in the next couple of weeks with the Party conventions. Dems get to pick who they're offering up for the slaughter that occurs every 4 years. (Otherwise known as the Constitutional Officer races).

The GOP convention should be a good time - My wife and I will be there representing Precinct 5 of Brookings County. I'm excited for her - she's attended a few with me, but never as a delegate herself. I look back with pride as I've corrupted my one-time Democrat bride.

I had a note out looking for the results of the libertarian convention, but I have yet to hear anything. I'm really interested, as it's been shown in the past the libertarian candidates can turn a Republican win into a loss. It just depends how many votes they can draw.

In the meantime, the announcements should be coming shortly - so stay tuned.


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