Better go vote over at South Dakota Politics and Elections

South Dakota Politics and Elections is running an on-line poll for the Gubernatorial Race between Governor Rounds and Jack Billion. I'd encourage you to go check it out here and to vote for the Republican of your choice. ;)


Anonymous said…
Wher are the two third-party candidates??
Haggs said…
'...and to vote for the Republican of your choice. ;)"

Sorry, PP, but I'd rather vote for someone who is good for South Dakota.
Coffee Drinker said…
Elections are about differences and the Republicans are doing the smart thing this year. They're giving folks a choice on the issues even though I don't agree with a lot of them.

Jack Billion's website is fluff, no substance. I know he's publicly supported a personal and corporate income tax to boost education and lower property taxes. I hope he does not run from it because the Republicans know his record.

South Dakota has a record of supporting champions, not wimps or double-talkers. Jack can't back down from income taxes, or voters will not back Jack. He won't lose because of his strong position on income taxes. He will lose because South Dakotans can spot a double-talker immediately.

Dennis Weise lost because he said he would boost funding for our schools, but sounded flimsy on how he would fund education. Nobody buys that you can raid the surplus funds and get 'er done.

I want to back Jack this year. I also support a replacement tax system, just as Jack said he did back when he was a legislator from Sioux Falls. That took guts back then. People will respect and admire Jack for backing his beliefs today, and not run away from them.

I'm a coffee drinker, not a koolaid drinker for state parties that try to please everyone and then gets noplace!
sdmoderate said…
Jack Billion's website is fluff, no substance.

Have you looked at Governor Rounds' site? If you want fluff and no substance try that. At least Billion presents his agenda, Rounds does nothing but restate his so-called first term successes with nothing about what he plans to do in a second term.
Coffee Drinker said…
Don't be naive. If you're going to take out the king, bring the right ammo. If folks have a choice between brain dead candidate A and incumbent brain dead candidate B, they will go with the incumbent at least 2 to 1. The way they think: If it ain't broke, and nobody's giving me something a lot better, why fix it?

Now it's time to put up or shut up.

Give me three good reasons why South Dakota Democrats are so different from Republicans this year. Make sure they are strong enough and clear enough to swing a lot of Republicans in this very Red State.
Anonymous said…
I can't stand a fake republican like King Rounds. What kind of republican increases your taxes and the size of the government by 800 employees. Then tells you that you want more government services. He tries to make us think that the money we send to Pierre is good for all South Dakotans. BS! go to and look up the median income for the major SD cities. Pierre is the winner by more then 10k, Sioux Falls and Rapid City in a dead heat for 2nd. Republicans need to decide if they want to support a democrat in republican clothing or a demorcrat who talks straight.

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