SDWC sheds a tear for the upcoming changes at the state library


Yes, I understand why they are doing it, but it doen't mean I have to like it.

The Argus Leader is reporting today that the State Library here in Pierre is going to be removing services duplicate to those already being offered by local libraries.
The days of the State Library being one more option for Pierre area residents looking for books and periodicals probably is about over.

A consultant is recommending that the State Library dump many of its walk-in services – novels and non-fiction books and public-access computers, among them – and focus on services that can’t be easily duplicated by local libraries.

“We will move away from the public library model,’’ said state Librarian Dorothy Liegl at one of several public meetings scheduled this week to give citizens a look at recommendations from the consultant. ‘The State Library will work more directly with local libraries.’’

The consultant, Mary C. Bushing of Montana, said her review of state services and her set of recommendations were aimed at answering the question “If we’re going to continue to add new services . . . then what are we going to stop doing?’’
As a fiscally conservative Republican, I understand that we want to remove unneccessary duplication of services. Yes, both libraries are within spitting distance of each other.

But the State Library is such a treasure trove of information - especially for political researchers like myself. I don't know that the Rawlins Library keeps the Argus Leader around on Microfilm along with the paper indexes back throughout most of the 1980's. That plus many other things.

I only wished it would be open past 5pm, so I didn't have to rush up there during my lunches.

Regardless, I understand it's for the taxpayers' own good. And faced with the cold hard facts, I'd probably do it too. But that doesn't mean I have to like giving up one of my #1 research stops. It's a testament to how good they are at what they do.

Again, rats.


K said…

I used to go to the state library every day during my summer vacations (yes, I'm a loser). It wasn't duplicating what Rawlins was doing, it was doing it better. Plus, it was private and quiet and never had millions of kids running around (except me). *sigh* Sad times.
Todd Epp said…
To paraphrase Judge Smails from "Caddyshack," PP, you will get nothing and like it.
Heath Tople said…

As a Pierre kid myself and a State Employee Orphan (Mom worked at the Kneip building), I spent countless hours in those two libraries. It would be a CRIME to limit or scale back the State Library. Is all hope lost?

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