For at least the moment, the execution is off.

The Argus Leader (as well as other news outlets) are reporting tonight that the execution is off:
South Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds will stay the execution of Elijah Page, the Argus Leader has learned.

Attorney General Larry Long confirmed moments ago that Page's execution will be stopped from happening tonight.

At 5:05 p.m., Long said he was drawing up the paperwork for the stay.
Read it here and watch the media tonight for the reasons.


Anonymous said…
I just wanted to post a comment on this much-overlooked post.

Hi, Mom.

I am diappointed with the Governor's knee-jerk activism, but I am not surprised.
Anonymous said…
I'm not surprised either, but I haven't been this ticked off at the idiot sitting in the governor's office since he tabled the abortion bill the first time.

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