Stephanie should have sent in Dave Dedrick as a pinch hitter.

It got better as she got the ball rolling, but dang, there were some moments when you're asking yourself if this was an audition for the weekend weather on KELO. I'm sure she went back to her office and kicked herself about referring to the chart as a "Drout Monitor Rap."

"Sundavel" posted this on You-Tube as recorded from C-Span.


Anonymous said…
On a positive note, her hair looks mulletastic.
Anonymous said…
Looks pretty good to me. If this is the best you all can do to attack her, that's pretty sad. Can her opponent even read?
PP said…
Did I say I was attacking her? Actually, I was suprised, because I was kind of expecting her to be perfectly on script as she usually is.

If her performance as a congressman isn't an issue, what would be?
Anonymous said…
It must be slim picking tonight if you had to resort to running this. I thought the drought monitor rap was going to be a big deal, but she corrected it immediately.
The woman was doing her job. How would YOU have presented this information to Congress?
Anonymous said…
Sloooooooow down honey----don't you remember your speech class! Babbling along at 100 mph makes it hard for your audience to really get your point--maybe try saying LESS much slower. And yes her opponent can read --- quite nicely AND he speaks slowly and clearly. Too bad she avoids being any place where people can compare the two. She robs our state of the usual debates at Dakota Fest and the State Fair. Kinda a spoiled sport I'd say.
Anonymous said…
You misspelled surprised; she had a slip of the tongue. It happens. Big deal.
Anonymous said…
Anon 11:11 - I didn't have any trouble understanding what she said or following along, and her audience probably had hard copy with the information so they could follow along and refer back to it later.
Speaking slowly and clearly won't be enough for Whalen. There has to be some substance in what he says. Everything I've heard indicates the guy just doesn't have what it takes to beat Herseth.
Anonymous said…
What's precipritation?

It's good to know that "money other areas of the country are simily affected." That way they can feel the pain associated with our "dire and worsening" and "dire and deteriorating" conditions that rob us of our "intrinsic optimism."

Personally, I was proud of our Congressperson for helping others to feel our pain. Misery does love company.

Even though she was marvelously inarticulate, she looked "purdy," and that's why a lot of South Dakotans voted for her. Because we know how important that is.
Anonymous said…
Oh, and another thing....I think I heard a stupidendous idea come forth from her mouth. I wonder whether she is going to introduce a bill to start naming all weather conditions, so as to personify them.

I couldn't be happier to say I'm from South Dakota, where everything is tragic & nameless.
Anonymous said…
Hey Liberals out there, including you Russ! Why won't Miss Herseth debate Bruce Whalen? We already know she is pro-abortion. We know she thinks it is okay for a minor child to be taken over State lines to have an abortion.

I wonder what is so bad that she doesn't want South Dakota voters to find out?????

It makes me wonder? What could it be?
Anonymous said…
Stupid. Mean (which usually goes with stupid). Petty. And humiliating.

Why would anyone live in this state who didn't have to?
Anonymous said…
Anon 10:12 - You said it well. The word I think of when I read this garbage is "ignorant." South Dakota is on its way to becoming the Hate Capital of the nation. I'm almost ashamed to admit that I live within its borders.
Anonymous said…
Anon 10:12 and 11:04 (which are likely the same person).

Please let the rest of us know - if a mediocre presentation of the plight of SD is not within the boundaries of criticism, what is?

Let's face it - this presentation sucked for an attorney who also taught college for a semester.
Anonymous said…
Is that where South Dakota is on the the middle?

I think she was pointing to Kansas but since I was too busy looking at her hair and thinking about how much she paid for the hilites...

I wonder if she focus grouped her hair to see if it would make her more popular with the electorate. I think she looked better with the old mane myself.

It's too bad that Stephi doesn't give us anything better to talk about than her hair. She's an empty suit and unfortunately the you tube video is just one more indication that she should apply elsewhere...I heard KELO has an opening.
Anonymous said…
anon 12:05 - Nope, it wasn't the same person. I posted the second one (11:04), and I don't know who posted the first one.
Do you think only one person in the state is embarrassed about what is going on here? This anti-abortion ban, which doesn't even include exceptions for victims of rape and incest, makes South Dakotans look mean-spirited, to say the least. I find it embarrassing that our legislators approved something so extreme - even if many of them were pressured into it.
Re: Rep. Herseth, so she had a bad day. We all do once in awhile, only most of us don't have to stand in front of cameras when we feel lousy or whatever.
Would you be more comfortable dealing with her intellect and position if she was ugly? Then the Republicans would probably try to portray her as a lesbian in a lame attempt to improve their candidate's chances. Attractive male legislators don't have those problems, even though some of them are long-time womanizers.
And is Herseth's performance worse than when Thune badmouthed the president and then tried to back out of his remarks? At least people weren't talking about Herseth across the nation like they were Thune.
Anonymous said…
"Re: Rep. Herseth, so she had a bad day. We all do once in awhile, only most of us don't have to stand in front of cameras when we feel lousy or whatever."

She was reading VERBATIM. What's so difficult about that?

Next excuse? Maybe her contact ripped and she was having trouble focusing on her script.

By the way, did you know that Mobridge is a trade center, much larger than the surrounding communities? Allow me to repeat it, as the Congressperson did when she lost her place and couldn't remember what she had already read. Mobridge is a trade center, much larger than the surrounding communities. That's right. Mobridge is a trade center.....

Anon, 10:12 & 11:04, if South Dakota sucks so bad, don't be afraid to leave. California is the place you wanna be, so load up the truck, and feel free to flee.
Anonymous said…
anon 6:03 - You are making much ado about nothing with this deal with Herseth. I hope you find yourself in a similar situation some day so someone else can do the same thing to you.
As far as moving out of state - my husband and I live on the family farm, where we have lived for 40 years, and which we own free and clear. Despite our discomfort with the current politics in the state, it's going to take more than a bunch of right-wing bigots to force us off of it.
Now why don't you find something more worthwhile to do than belittling people?
Anonymous said…
In the scheme of things, this isn't a big deal. But I don't see how it isn't fair game for PP (or anyone else) to make a little fun at the Congresswoman's expense. It's obviously a little more out of character for Stephanie, as opposed to someone like George W. And I haven't heard much protest about Democratic blogs posting W.'s mangling of the English language.
Anonymous said…
Jeez, this is silly. So what if she misspoke. As has been said, she is very articulate 99 percent of the time. (From a Republican who is voting straight party line except for this race.)
Anonymous said…
I'll bet we don't look mean spirited to the babies--too bad they can't speak up for them selves!

Actually it isn't mean spirited to the women either--just ask the many women who are so sorry that they have to live with the memory of the death of their child--usually encouraged by some man who wants sex without consequences or responsibility.

Not mean spirited for the victims of incest either--you know the ones who have been taken to the clinic by the pervert who got her pregnant.

And there IS---- I repeat IS--- an exception for rape or incest if it is promptly reported (within the first 5-10 days) before a pregnancy can be detected by conventional medical testing.

This isn't an extreme bill at all--and if you think it is--- you would be happier in California--go vote there!
Anonymous said…
Anon 10:27 - If this bill isn't extreme, why don't other states have one like it? That's the 48 other states besides California in case you have forgotten about them.
And where are you drawing all of this wisdom from? Have you ever worked at a shelter or counseling center that treated victims of rape or incest? How many of these people have you spoken with directly - or are you just taking the word of Leslie Unruh & company?
How many women who have had abortions without regrets have you spoken with?
How many girls are going to report incest that has gone on for months or years before they became pregnant? If they had the courage to report the incest, wouldn't they have done it early on?
I wish abortions never had to happen, but I know there are situations where the mother's well-being must outweigh that of the developing fetus. But you don't want to hear that, do you? You would prefer to think I'm one of those foaming-at-the-mouth liberals who want to see everyone get abortions. I'm not even sure anyone like that exists, except in the mind of anti-abortion people.
What I do know is that I would not want someone to make that decision for me, and I don't believe that I - or you or someone else's religion or the government - has the right to make those decisions for other people either.
There are 49 states that don't think so either - and not just California.
Anonymous said…
Once South Dakota proves it can be done MOST of the other states (California excepted) will enact laws too. It was wrong when I was a wee one and it is STILL wrong--for all of the same reasons too---but it took much pain and suffering for the silent majority to see just how wrong and be willing to speak up--

And to your first question YES I have looked after rape victims--many of them--and the violence that they have experienced is only compounded by another violence. Even those who think that they made the "better" choice and had the baby killed have no idea how much healing would have come from the birth of the child.

Stopping abortion is a first step in getting our incest explosion under control. Stopping porn is one of the next steps--and twisting the first ammendment to include porn is bad for families and bad for societies!
Anonymous said…
anon 1:21 p.m. - How would stopping abortions get the incest problem under control? Do you think the problem of incest is something that started only after abortion was legalized?

Internet access to pornography might have added to the incest problem. It certainly hasn't helped it.
Child pornography is illegal, but it would be difficult to eliminate porn entirely. Forms of pornography have been around centuries, only it wasn't called that then.
Eliminating pornography wouldn't entirely eliminate incest. One problem is that some of this stuff goes on in families from generation to generation.

Drugs and alcohol abuse also fuel the fire. And the disintegration of the traditional family structure probably contributes to the problem since that means men other than the biological fathers live in the household or sleep over. That's not to say that all stepfathers and boyfriends are child abusers, but it does seem that many reports of abuse involve men who are the mother's partners.

My daughter has worked professionally with domestic violence and sexual assault victims for the past 20 years. Her experiences with rape and incest victims have certainly been different than what you claim yours have been.

As for your prediction that the other states will pass laws similar to South Dakota's (with the exception of California of course), that's not likely.
If the abortion issue is ever argued at the Supreme Court level, and the court overturns Roe vs. Wade, there will be few, if any, states that will restrict abortion for victims of rape and incest.

As far as your assertion that rape victims who believe they made the better choice by aborting the fetuses would have had healing by giving birth to the child, your assumption is based on the theory that all women react in the same way. They don't, and that is why the choice should remain with the individual.

There are many things that are out of kilter in our society, especially from a moral standpoint, but efforts to legislate morality have never succeeded.
While many Americans think the abortion situation has gotten out of hand, the majority of Americans believe that rape and incest victims should be allowed to follow their conscience and make their own decisions.
Further victimizing rape and incest victims by forcing them to follow through with their pregnancies is not the answer to society's ills. And it never will be.

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