Stifiling political expression through vandalism

These pictures were taken near Delmont, SD recently of a pair of Rounds for Governor signs that were vandalized. And you know, it speaks volumes about the person who did it. And the word that comes to mind is "impotence."

No, not the kind of impotence that requires viagra. It's the kind of impotence where a person feels so inadequate and inarticulate that the only form of political expression they have is the destruction of another person's show of support.

Debate? Not for them. The ability to promote their own views? They can't. Simply refuting the opinion of one who believes the opposite? They'd rather hide in the closet.

Am I heaping too much scorn on the perpetrator? I don't think so. This is shameful, and the kind of act that would have to take place under cover of darkness. Because the kind of person who would do it likely spends most of their time fearing the light of day.


Bob Newland said…
You mean like the folks who hide behind "anonymous" on this blog?

Y'know, without the "anonymous" option, the only folks posting here would be me, Nemec, and PP.

Yep, at lest PP ain't afraid to put a name on his exputations of inconsistency.
Bob Newland said…
At least, not at lest.
chad said…
kind of like the College Republicans who make it a practice of driving around Sioux Falls stealing Democratic yard signs.

Or the group that anonymously sent out "Vote for Daschle, vote for Sodomy" bumperstickers?

I'm sure you were outraged when you heard about that, PP.
PP said…
Chad -

Where in the post did I say anything about party? Because I didn't.

Let me go on record as noting that if there are college Republicans who make it a practice of driving around Sioux Falls stealing Democratic yard signs, I'd hope they are reported for theft and punished, just as I would for middle-aged Democrats who go out and steal Republican signs.

And the same goes for bumper stickers without the disclaimer.
David Newquist said…
We know how it feels to have signs vandalized because some well-known folks got caught pulling up signs for our candidates and the "authorities" didn't think it was enough of an issue to act upon.

But is ripping the panel off a campaign sign any worse than deliberately misquoting people or making false accusations about their acts and their character? In the part of Christendom I come from, the latter is worse. But, as I am made painfully aware every day, I no longer live there.
Anonymous said…
what is classic about this is that they were to lazy to take the sign down and people who drive by can still tell it is a Rounds for Gov. sign.
It shouts "Look at what we do"
"We are below the the way we will run the state and country the same way"
There are two types of class out there...."1st" class and no class.
Now we know what class these people are in.
Douglas said…
Well, the sloppy half-way it was done, might suggest it was something out of the Karl Rove playbook. Something to react to with horror, but which judging from the indistinct photos leaves the message clear anyway.

Now, if Billion had not endorsed state-sanctioned murder by Rounds, there could be signs with "Rounds Favors Murder by Bureaucrats".

Between HB 1215 and SD death penalty, we can share space with Texas on a wall of shame somewhere.
Anonymous said…
Douglas, lay off the peace pipe.
This is just good old fashion destruction of property.
No tricks just people vandalizing the opposition's hard work.
Anonymous said…
Bob, is that a tear in your beer--I mean joint?
Anonymous said…
Well what's keeping you from heading on back to those parts, Newquist? If you live in such a terrible place, and since you're apparently not serious about trying to change it for the better, you might as well just move back.
Anonymous said…
Rounds shouldn't have posted his sign on somebody else's right of way. When he puts a sign in my yard, I'll tear it down too.
PP said…
Anon 6:49, are you kidding? They aren't posting signs where they don't have permission to.

That kind of statement is just silly.
David Newquist said…
To brave, anonymous 6:09:

Isn't there an institution near you that offers remedial reading courses?
Anonymous said…
Looks to me like Randy F. made a deal with the billboard owner who has a lease with the land owner and the land owner hates Rounds. Maybe?
Todd Epp said…

I've noticed you only post instances of Republican or anti-choice signs being defaced. I agree. It is vandalism and in bad taste and anti-democracy behavior. But is what's good for the goose good for the gander? I hope that if I have proof of vandalism of Democrat or pro-choice signs, you'll be just as quick to publish them and condemn the acts. Yes, Epp throws down the gauntlet, sort of. (grin)

Todd Epp
PP said…
todd - absolutely.

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