Secretary of State posts Ballot Question Pamphlet

Secretary of State Chris Nelson has posted the 2006 Ballot Question explanation pamphlet.

My only question: Who decides who get to write the ballot question pro and con explanations? I think my Amendment E explanation would have been much more incindiary than Tom Barnett's.....

Oh. Maybe that's why they didn't ask me.

Anyway, go read it for yourself here.


Haggs said…
I hate that both the pro and con side of Amendment C states that "most South Dakotans believe marriage is only for one man and one woman." I don't think that's true, and it's sad that the con side supports it.

And it figures that Bill would write the pro side for Amendment Evil. I wonder why he fought the explaination language so hard if he was just going to ignore it in his pro statement?
Anonymous said…
pp - Thank you for providing this link. We live on the border with our closest towns being out-ot-state. For that reason, we do not subscribe to any South Dakota newspapers. This information allows us to read the pros and cons of these amendments so we can give it serious thought and cast informed votes. It's a great asset for us, and we appreciate your efforts.
Anonymous said…
Anyone can go to the SD Secretary of State's web page and download all the info that you want. Including the ballot explainations. You can also sign up for news (like this) to be e-mailed to you as it becomes available.

Still, pp, it is great to just get what we want to know when we check up all the most recent interesting political news in the state on SDWC!
Nicholas Nemec said…
Yeah PP hold still and let me kiss you on the lips.

Wait, that might actually jeopardize both of our marriages.

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