Sneek peek of my review of Billion meeting

(click on the picture to enlarge it)

I have to go meet with another candidate for a different office, but I did manage to make it over for most of Jack Billion's appearance at the Ft. Pierre Senior Center after work tonight.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with one of the pictures I got. And please notice my photography didn't totally suck as it usually does. I have a few documents I have to scan to include with the post, but I have volunteer work to get done first.

Biggest regret? I missed getting a picture of Bob Hockett frothing at the mouth as he went off on a tangent as he disagreed with Billion. But then he came back and saying he's going to work to get him elected.

I did notice a couple of odd stares as I went in from a couple of the Democratic locals as if they were thinking "what in the hell is this Republican spy doing here?" Hey, it said the public is invited... Even Republican bloggers might be included in that.


Anonymous said…
Why would I want to enlarge it, I might fall in a crack!
feasant said…
Hey PP: Democrat public events do not include everyone. I was asked not to attend a Johnson public event in 02, well it was listed in the paper as public.

Their "public" meetings have different standards than a Republican meeting. They always seem to have something to hide, I call it the TRUTH!

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