From the Kate' Turnbow's article in the Cap Journal this AM on the Billion visit.

"I've talked to people even about prairie dogs. Now, you need to talk to a producer to really get a feel from a guy whose being overrun by prairie dogs and whose land is being ruined. It's a whole different problem then. "

And Billion's solution to the prairie dog problem?

"Maybe we'll make pets out of them and sell them out east. We'll call them big hamsters and ship them out on trucks," he said.
That has to be the quote of the day.


Anonymous said…
No one can say that Jack Billion doesn't have a finely honed sense of humor. He's a creative thinker too!
Anonymous said…
Republicans once introduced a bill to rename them "prairie rats" but that didn't fly.

If we're going to market them to people out east, "big hamsters" is a better name for them.

What has Rounds done about the p-dog problem? "working together, we can solve the p-dog problem"
At least Jack has a solution!
Which is more than Rounds has!
Anonymous said…
PP, since you probably won't post the story about your buddy Lance Russell being late for an arraignment, thought somebody should point folks to to check out the story today. And this guy wants to be Judge.
Anonymous said…
You people clearly don't pay attention! Instead of wasting my time explaining to you the Praire Dog Management Plan, read it for yourself.
As much as the state would like to totally eliminate these things, our animal rights friends have made sure we don't go too far. It was a huge battle to get this plan accepted.
Anonymous said…
Anon 10:04 is right. The Rounds admin, especially secretaries Gabriel and Cooper, has done a lot of work on the prairie dog problem. Between a stubborn federal government and litigious environmental activists, it is a VERY tough nut to crack. Obviously Jack doesn't have a solution - just a wisecrack.
Anonymous said…
anon 9:19 Could you put a little more detail into where to find the item in todays RC Journal? I looked and couldn't find it. What was the title of the article?
PP said…
Anon 9:19, and 5:34 - Aside from the fact it's off topic, you're forgetting there's 2 seasons in SD.

Winter and Road Construction.

So, no scandal. I'm told that it's simply a matter of Lance unexpectedly getting caught in the road construction between Rapid and Hot Springs.
Anonymous said…
anon9:19 Found the article. Didn't mention why he was 15 minutes late. Do you know?
Article says the arraignment will now be held today, Tues.
Anonymous said…
PP, you're right we are off the topic, but why wait so long to say that since it was this morning that 9:19 posted? I thought there might be a reason for Russell being late and wanted to read the article to see if it said why.
PP said…
Because I work for a living?

For blogging, I get a little time in the AM, and as I eat a sandwich over lunch. Otherwise it's all at night.
Todd Epp said…
Pat et al;

I don't know Lance Russell from a West River prairie dog (excuse me, prairie hamster), but as a fellow lawyer, I'm sure he was doing everything in his power to be in court on time. I haven't met a lawyer yet who doesn't take their court appearances VERY seriously. Sometimes things happen to us all in life, even Republicans running for Judge. I'd cut Lance some slack. I'm sure there are more important things to worry about in his judicial campaign than being late for an appearance. Bottom-line--unless it is some sort of bad habit, a complete non-issue in the race.



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