More Candidate stuff: Scott Heidepreim for Senate

As my daughter is napping after ear surgery, I got a chance to check my e-mail.

I had somone who was nice enough to send this to me, and I have to admit, it's a darned good looking piece. (Click on the pictures to enlarge them).

Bulleted points, and not too much text either. Graphically, it's one of the more pleasing advertising pieces I've seen this year. In the past, his Republican opponent Dick Kelly has not been known for achieving greatness in his advertising material. In fact, one consultant I know used it as an example of what NOT to do.

While I haven't seen it yet, hopefully this year he's stepping up his game.

Regardless, what would I change about this piece? Not much.

The "let's get back to work" has been used before, but I don't know if it is going to resonate as strongly as he might hope. In fact, I think many South Dakotans wish the legislature would be "less activist." But again, that might be just me.

Campaigning as an outsider would seem to be the thing to do at this point in the campaign season, but if fortunes change (I do note gas dropped significantly this week) it could backfire. If Homestake happens before the election, it would be the perfect thing to point to for Kelly. Who would want to be an outsider on that.

I do note that the conservative Republican in me sees a few points that Scott makes in his brochure that I'd feel comfortable telling Dick to challenge him on in the media, but that's not the point. I'm more looking at presentation when I do this.

The biggest thing I'd change? The cover photo that's used in a couple of places. It's the most prominent photo in the brochure, but the body language it conveys is not positive. Almost every reference on body language in business or relationships you can read cites crossed arms in a negative way. Crossed arms mean "NO. "

And to me, that's not something you want to put on the front of a political brochure. People don't want to hear "NO" from their politicians.

Otherwise, as noted, this is a top quality piece of campaign material.

On an aside, one observation I'm noting from many of the campaign pieces this year - full color seems to be the way to go. The days of black text and your single campaign "color" doing the job for handouts seems to be waning.

At this point, full color can be handled cheaply by color laser or inkjet. Or you can go high quality from several printers around the state.

Either way, technicolor is trendy this year.


Anonymous said…
This one is going to be closer than most people think. Recent polling puts it just about a dead heat. Kelly's lackluster campaigning is hurting him, he needs to reevaluate his campaign advisors before it is too late.
Anonymous said…
Heidepriem is the biggest phony in the state----he used to say he was a big Reagan fan when running as a Republican!
Anonymous said…
And a big Janklow fan!
Anonymous said…
What happens when the SD GOP Robertson's have more juice than the SD GOP Reagan's? Answer - 1. The Reagan's join the Dem's. 2. The Reagan's join the mainstream coalition and push the Robertson's to the fringe.

Reagan Republicans are the majority in SD. However, we got lazy and complacent. Now the sleeping gaint has been awaken. We might not be vocal but our presence will be felt on election day. Liberal canidates hiding behind the R- Label beware. Robertson Republicans be prepared to go back to the fringe.
Anonymous said…
notice that he won't even say he's a Democrats on his brochure
Anonymous said…
I'm sick of people rolling up their sleeves to make them look busy. Didn't work for Bush. Doesn't work for Thune. Brownie forgot eventhough he was told to do it. It's silly stagecraft.
Anonymous said…
I'm glad to hear Heidepreim talks to his mother every day. What a nice boy...
Anonymous said…
I remember being at a funeral years ago for a legislator by the name of Harold Sieh who was chairman of House Appropriations. Lot of politicos there; Gov, constitutional officers, legislators.

Heidepriem was actually campaigning there. Going from group to group, person to person, saying "hi, I'm Scott Heidepriem", then moving on to the next. Not one other person, Rep or Dem, was doing that, just Scott, at a funeral!
Anonymous said…
He cares about "our children" but he's strongly pro-abortion. (From "For an array of reasons, including some based in his own family, he is firmly "pro-choice"....Heidepriem's knowledge that his pro-choice position is directly at odds with that of the vast majority of the voters who elected him...." etc.

At least he knew that dismembering preborn babies isn't popular in SD.

I've never seen anybody be so arrogant as to refer to himself as a statesman. It's a direct contrast to the unstatesmanlike "Pierre's priorities ARE WRONG" as well as the "together we can take back South Dakota" commentaries. Statesmen don't breed hate and discontent. They focus on the positive and work to build bridges, not to alienate.

Personlly, I don't care if he calls his mother once an hour, nor do I find any significance to the fact that he's a runner whose wife outruns him 1/3 of the time.

Sometimes I sit on the #2 seat too. Usually after large meals. However, very few people actually hold the distinction of serving as Speaker Pro Tem in the SD House, but never being elevated to Speaker.

And he's been listed as one of the Best Lawyers in America since 1999. How will the legal system possibly survive without him for two months?

This campaign piece is a Piece, to be sure.

I have also heard of the campaigning at a funeral....and that makes this candidate a piece, too. But he cares....about everybody named Scott Heidepriem.
Anonymous said…
Do you only know part of your history 5:18? Heidepriem did not ascend to Speaker of the SD House because he ran for congress in 1986 instead. He didn't run for the SD House. Do you have to resort to half-truths to try and make a point?

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