Whalen: Yes on Lewis and Clark, no on PP (the other one)

From my e-mail tonight:
Bruce Whalen, Republican Candidate for U.S. Congress will join Bound4Life in a Prayer Siege on Planned Parenthood.

Candidate Whalen will join an expected crowd of a thousand Christians and anti-abortion advocates Friday from 11:00-1:00 at 6511 West 41st Street, Sioux Falls, SD 57106.

“We can pay for 143 miles of the Lewis and Clark pipeline by federally de-funding Planned Parenthood. The Lewis and Clark Pipeline has a price tag of $1.9 million a mile; currently the Planned Parenthood receives $272 million a year from the government.” Said Bruce Whalen Republican Candidate for U.S. Congress (http://www.ksfy.com/Stories/Story.cfm?SID=8017 and www.all.org)

Planned Parenthood has a four-pillar business plan. First, they teach school age children that homosexuality and underage sexual activities are acceptable. Second, they distribute condoms to further encourage sex with minors. Third, they sell abortions to terminate pregnancies that are a result of the first two programs. The forth program is the most appalling, some of Planned Parenthoods facilities sell the aborted baby parts on the open market for profit. All of this happens with $272 million annually in federal funding. (www.all.org)

Mr. Whalen is a Republican, Christian, and Pro-life candidate that stands for South Dakota values. Ms. Herseth spokesperson recently stated, “There’s no confusion about Herseth's position on abortion, which remains pro-choice” Rapid City Journal article 9 August 06. Ms. Herseth supports abortion even the extreme partial birth abortion procedure. She has also voted in Congress to allow underage minors to be taken across state lines by a stranger to have an abortion, with out parental consent. “This is wrong and way outside of the mainstream of South Dakota . Being a husband and father of three, I would never vote to endanger the security of our children. Ms. Herseth should provide an answer for her extreme liberal votes in Congress on this moral matter.”

Bruce Whalen will be available for questions from the media during the event. Live interviews can be set up for 12:00 pm news by contacting Lee Breard at 605-430-7629.


feasant said…
Hey Liberals out there, Why won't Miss Herseth debate Bruce Whalen? What could she be hiding?
Anonymous said…
Lee...how come you keep writing these comments? We all know it's you.
Max Power said…
It is my understanding there are several debates lined up. Am I mistaken?
Anonymous said…
feasant - Rep. Herseth probably doesn't want to waste her time.
Anonymous said…
Wow this guy is nuts. This is better than I thought. Steph Herseth is selling aborted baby parts for profit? She's pregnant as well by some NJ Teen. What's next? This guy would loose in a vote amongst the people at the anti-abortion rally in SF.

GREAT JOB Randy Frederick. You've just cemented Herseth's slot and her moderate standing until the Thune race in 2010.
Randy said…
Just when I think the Whalen campaign can't get sadder/stupider...I am proven wrong. I'm glad he's choosing to run against Howard Dean and Planned Parenthood this cycle. Smart race.
Anonymous said…
What's the story w/Whalen's third kid not featured anywhere?
Anonymous said…
Don't forget that the Planned Parenthood was started by a woman who believed that abortion was the best tool they had to limit the number of births by the "less desireable" in our society.
Perhaps her theology could be applied to some political figures in S.D.

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