The Gov has two new commercials out there tonight

I just got an e-mail update from Rounds for Governor with information on two new television commercials out there.

The first, called Recognizing Talent is about one teacher's experience with the Dakota Corps Program:

The Second, is about one family's experience with the State Insurance Risk Pool.

I'll like the second one better than the first one, on the basis of the voice over. And I'll leave it at that.


pdq said…
You liked the second one better? They both sucked ass.

A choice between a bucktoothed girl with a speech impediment who can't pronounce education, or the gentleman with a 5th grade education who sounds like he's from Monty Python.

Rounds better thank god that Billion is so bad.

Now that I think of it, I might have to vote constitutional party.
Anonymous said…
"I might have to vote constitutional party."

Anonymous said…
Yes, because the governor should only help polished, attractive people - maybe professional actors.
Anonymous said…
845 is right - What exactly is your beef? You guys are always saying that Rounds hasn't done anything - I think these ads are proving otherwise. Ohhh.... Now I see your problem. You are making fun of the people in the ad because you are trying to distract people from the content, since it undermines your whole argument! haha
Anonymous said…
Both very good commercials. The second one is better... very appealing because it does come from a regular person. That will play well amongst most voters. pdq doesn't have a clue, and in fact probably works for the Billion campaign.
Anonymous said…
At least he doesn't have to 'antique' his signs to be cool.

(Clip on tie? what is with that?)

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