Hey, wait a minute... Where is Stephanie claiming her residence this election?

Todd Douglas under a previous point brought up an interesting question as I pointed out what yard signs Congresswoman Herseth has sitting in her front yard, about 4-5 blocks up the street from my humble abode in Brookings:
How can Herseth be living in Brookings? She's registered as being from Sioux Falls on this years ballot?
(See it here).

And you know, it caused me to go look myself. Sure enough, on the Secretary of State's webpage, she's listed her address as:

Herseth, Stephanie PO Box 2009 Sioux Falls 57101

What? What's going on here.....? So, I got on the computer and looked at the petition form which you can find here. Aaaaaand..... there's nothing to it.

It would appear that she just noted her mailing address, and on the form, there wouldn't appear to be a requirement to list your voting residence on a statewide form.

The mailing address will do. That'll do candidate. That'll do.


Anonymous said…
Huh! She was from Houghton, but that wasn't good enough, so she started saying Groton. That wasn't good enough, so she hammered down a job with, what, SD FU and then SDSU? After mere weeks, she was calling Brookings her "hometown." Now, it's Sioux Falls.

I wonder if she'll realize that she's approaching the SD border. Somebody should inform her that if she lists Sioux City, she'll officially be on the other side of the line.

She probably hasn't had time to get reacquainted with SD geography since returning from her 13 year hiatus.
Anonymous said…
Easy, anon. It was John Thune who had signs up at the same time claiming his hometown is Murdo and Pierre. Now it's Sioux Falls.

Bill Janklow was from Flandreau and Brandon.

People move around the state. Accept it.

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