Yes on 6 campaign commercials to start. First one - A Mt. Rushmore idea from a snow globe.

The campaign commercials for Yes on 6 are starting. And a first one talks about Mt. Rushmore. As you can read in the Argus Leader, according to one person with the campaign, it came about when Leslee Unruh gave her a snow globe:

Vote Yes for Life on Six, the political campaign formed to uphold the ban, has remained tightlipped on its advertising strategy. Leslee Unruh, the Vote Yes campaign manager, said Tuesday that the campaign has been focusing on grass-roots efforts such as holding house parties and distributing informational pamphlets and DVDs.

Unruh said she's grateful that people across the country, including Falwell, are helping her organization fight to uphold the ban. She said her group is "waiting for the right time" to start airing its television ads.

"We're not going to turn down money from anybody," Unruh said. "Obviously, we're up against a machine that has been making a living with this issue."

But a number of supporters of the abortion ban last week discussed upcoming advertising in a nationwide conference call dubbed "an emergency South Dakota briefing."

Radio personality Janet Folger, an abortion opponent, said a television commercial supporting the ban featuring Mount Rushmore will begin airing soon. The ad will state that "there are some things so ingrained in our history that even our rocks cry out," Folger said in the conference call.

The commercial includes quotes from former Presidents Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and George Washington, Folger said. One of those quotes is Jefferson's "The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government," she said.

Folger said the idea for the ad came when Unruh gave her a Mount Rushmore snow globe.

Read it here in today's Argus Leader.

Okay, even I'm thinking that a Mt. Rushmore snow globe is a cheap gift. But, as you see here, at least it led to bigger and better things.


Anonymous said…
Thomas Jefferson was also the one who coined the phrase about a "wall of separation" between church and state. I wonder if Unruh and her gang will be giving us that quote, too?
Anonymous said…
Our rocks are certainly crying out on this issue.
Anonymous said…
No on six!! Nov. 7th will be a great day for women and SD for then we will not be known as the coat hanger state. Don't strip women of their civil liberties.
Anonymous said…
I hope nobody gives anon 10:59 a gun. I'd be scared to know who she's willing to kill in the name of civil liberties.
Anonymous said…
today the South Dakota Section of American College of Obstetricians and Gyenocologist came out with their position paper opposing hb1215 and support to vote no on 6. Clearly the exceptions for rape and insest aren't in the bill and that's what bothers a majority of voters.
Anonymous said…
Leslee is hoping that JAIL will pass so she can sue the Judge who ultimately rules that hb1215 violates the U.S. Constitution.
Anonymous said…
The South Dakota Section of American College of Obstetricians and Gyenocologist might have one ounce of credibility if Maria Bell is not a member. However, that's her field, so I'm guessing she was at the heart of the effort.

Please tell me their positions went deeper than rape or incest.
Anonymous said…
Anon 7:27 p.m. - I would think health concerns would be the major reason why obstetricians and gynecologists oppose Referred 6. They know there are certain medical conditions that would be exacerbated by pregnancy.
These are well educated, intelligent people. Their medical books probably contain information about how many women died as the result of botched abortions prior to Roe vs. Wade.
They also know that making abortion illegal does not stop it. It only makes it more dangerous for the woman.
Anonymous said…
YES ON 6!!!!!!!!!

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