You cannot escape me.. You will donate or I will hound you unto the ends of the earth.

A few weeks after sending out a fundraising letter to every attorney in the state to raise money for her campaign for the state house, now Mary Giebink has released the hounds to call South Dakota attorneys for money.

And if they don't get a live person, this is the message they leave. (.wav file)

The number that is being left by the caller (Stacy Lang) for attorneys who can't wait to send her money is 334-0446. A quick internet search notes that it's the office number for the Galland Law office (which apparently is also doing double duty as the Giebink telemarketing center).


Sy said…
this is a new low for bottom-feeding "attorneys"
Anonymous said…
that's the funniest thing you've ever posted. this woman will take ANY case, despite how crazy. if the state bar association did a pr study of how to raise its reputation, the first recommendation would be keeping a lid on the "Galland Legal Clinc"
Anonymous said…
when seeking advice from the "Galland Legal Clinic," be sure you don't mistakenly end up in "Kum and Go."
Chris Madsen said…

I don't mean to sound critical and you know I enjoy your efforts with SDWC. Perhaps it is just a slow weekend, but I am begging you, can we please give Mary Ann Giebink a rest?

Over the course of the last couple of weeks, I have noticed that any time the woman's name (or any other word that rhymes with it) appears in a post, the general public uses it as an opportunity to kick the ever-loving crap out of her. If it weren't for anonymity and the good old First Amendment, some of the things that are getting posted about Mary Ann, would never be stated to her face and are nothing more than ad hominen attacks on her character and professional abilities.

I got a call from Kim last week asking for a contribution and I have also received the fundraising letters and invitations to schmooze with Mary Ann and Tim Johnson and drop a few checks while I was at it. Those letters went in the same place about 99% of all the fundraising letters I get. I politely told Kim that Mary Ann is not in my party or my district and wished Mary Ann luck in the election.

She has a right to seek the office and is apparently making the effort to mount a campaign which is more than anyone can say for a whole lot of candidates who get their name on the ballot and then sit around waiting to see how the votes tally.

Anyone that knows anything about District 10 knows that Mary Ann's chances of winning are fairly slim. District 10 is not exactly known for sending liberal activists to the legislature. Can we all just let her run her race without having to give her a weekly thrashing in the blogosphere?
Anonymous said…
attorneys really do protect their own...thanks for the lecture
Sal said…
yeah, bummer about that whole First Amendment thingy...if we didn't have the pesky First Amendment, we wouldn't have to put up with criticism of candidates for public office
Anonymous said…
I'm looking for Mr. Madsen to be riding to the defense of all the conservatives who are trashed on the liberal blogs.

reporting on Geibink's phone-fundraising is hardly a low blow, by any measure
lp said…
that phone call is bizarre...has anyone actually donated besides Tim Johnson?
Anonymous said…
what this woman's chances of becoming a state legislator?
aq said…
PP--she hasn't "released the hounds," she has "released the sharks"!
Anonymous said…
Madsen-Giebink 2010!
Anonymous said…
Tim Johnson and Tom Daschle sure know how to pick 'em
Anonymous said…
Not only was I a victim of the voice-mail plea for funds, but on that very same day, Mary Ann Giebink cut me off in traffic. And this was not a subtle, accidental cut-off. She was on my left, and we were both getting ready to head out onto Minnesota Avenue....I was turning right, and she was in the lane to turn left. Out of nowhere, she shoots out in front of me and turns right onto Minnesota. I actually didn't even see who it was until I saw the magnetic Giebink signs as she accelerated in front of me. This was even in her own district.

I didn't return the fundraising call.

As for 'giving it a rest', justice will not be served until every Democratic voter in her district is reminded that "it's the person, not the party".

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