Thune to vote "aye" on Referred Law 6

The Rapid City Journal is reporting this morning that U.S. Senator John Thune will be voting for Referred Law 6 (otherwise known as HB 1215) when he steps into the voting booth in November. This is in sharp contrast to Johnson and Herseth, who have indicated they will be actively campaigning the other way, going so far as to be part of the No on 6 campaign by recording messages for them.
Despite his belief that any ban on abortion should include exceptions for rape and incest victims, U.S. Sen. John Thune said Friday that, when he steps into the voting booth in November, he will vote in favor of a referred law that does not contain those exceptions.

Earlier this week, the South Dakota Republican restated his position that any abortion ban should include exceptions to save the life of a pregnant woman and to allow victims of rape and incest to have an abortion.

Referred Law 6, which was approved overwhelmingly by the South Dakota Legislature and signed by Gov. Mike Rounds before being referred to a general-election vote in November, offers only an exception to save a pregnant woman’s life.

Even so, Thune said he will cast his vote for Referred Law 6 — best known as HB1215, the title it was given during the 2006 Legislature. Thune said the ban is in keeping with his anti-abortion philosophy and voting record.

“Although the Legislature took a different approach, I will vote for it because it would reduce the number of abortions and advance our common goal of protecting the unborn,” Thune said.

The respective positions of the state’s three-member congressional delegation became a point of discussion earlier this week when Democratic Sen. Tim Johnson entered the campaign against Referred Law 6. Johnson taped a telephone message for the South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families, the lead group opposing the referred law, urging South Dakotans to vote against it. And a spokesman for Democratic U.S. Rep. Stephanie Herseth, who also opposes the ban, said Herseth is willing to tape a similar message.
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Anonymous said…
"Thune said the ban is in keeping with his anti-abortion philosophy and voting record."

Yeah, just what someone should be thinking about when they cast their ballot, their voting record.

Who cares what they think about the actual measure itself.

Just gotta preserve that voting record.

Anything to get reelected.

Cowards, all of them.
Anonymous said…
Once again Thune shows why he is leading the Party of Hypocrites.


Who knows how he will vote in the privacy of the voting cubicle.

And they call this guy a leader?
Anonymous said…
This is a classic -- and very public -- example of a politician putting politics above his personal beliefs.

It may be different if he put "the will of the constituency" on the line over his inclinations, but polls tell us -- and he knows -- that's not the case.

Just how "plastic" can you get?

feasant said…
Thune should come out and campaign for 6. It is wrong to kill! You three previous baby killers don't know what having a spine is. It is standing up for what is right. I am a voter, Thune represents me, and I think Thune should stand for Life.

V. Thou shall not Kill!

Oh, that is right, it is not a child! What is it then? A chicken, glob of tissue, what?

If someone has seperate finger prints, heart beat, brain waves, distinct DNA, is that a child?

I could continue but I am sure you abortionists will justify killing in any manner that makes you feel comfortable. Would you stop someone from killing a three month old? Would you agree that a three month old is a child that is dependant on materal care? So is a child still in their mother.

Vote Yes on 6! It is the "choice" everyone can live with.
Haggs said…
Wow. What a flip-flopper. Didn't Thune just say that he didn't support Referred Law 6 because it had no rape or incest exceptions? I guess he thought it was more important to appear radically anti-abortion rather than vote his true beliefs.
Anonymous said…
1:55 PM - I can't figure out if there if there is one person using various names to post on different blogs or if you have all been brainwashed to repeat the same stuff over and over. One thing is certain, your hysterics don't help further your cause.

You are a voter. So am I. You have a right to your opinion. So do I.

Thune obviously isn't sure where where he should stand publicly on this issue. Now he says he will vote against his belief. Of course no one will ever know how he votes so that is more empty rhetoric.

Can South Dakota politics become any more weird? In all probability, yes.

Stay tuned.
Anonymous said…
Matt 22:39: "And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'"

So Feasant, since you started throwing around scripture, how is it that you will call someone who has never had an abortion and never would get one a "baby killer" and still feel like you are complying with the mandate of Matt 22:39?

I'm your neighbor. I've never had an abortion. I'll never get an abortion. And I'll be voting No on HB1215.

So I think I'm complying with V (I shall not kill) but I'm pretty sure you're not complying with Matt (you unlovingly called me a baby killer). Right? Or does "loving thy neighbor" allow you to hurl inaccurate and offensive insults my even if they have no basis in fact?

Serious question. I'm hoping for a serious answer.

Here's another serious question for you: how many unwanted children do you plan on adopting if HB1215 goes into effect in November?
Anonymous said…
Tick Tock, Flip Flop.

Unbelievable reversal of position in just three days by Jumpshot Jesus!
Anonymous said…
Thune says there's no exceptions for rape and incest in the bill. That's true. But it kind of shoots the "Yes on 6" people in the foot, because they're trying to convince everyone there are exceptions.

I can't wait for the "Yes on 6" people to call Thune a liar - like they're calling the Campaign for Healthy Families.

I can't wait for the Campaign for Healthy Families to start quoting Thune about the lack of exceptions. Stick a fork in this one. It's done!
Anonymous said…
I'm John Thune, and Leslee Unruh approved this message!

"I'm confused. That's all. Confused. I know what I would like to do, but I can't, because I'm married to Leslee Unruh, and she won't grant me a divorce. Please help?"
feasant said…
Anon 3;11 PM

You are allowing someone to kill an innocent person. Justify that anyway you like. It is the same as the Nazi war crimes.

Turn your face from the fact the abortion mill in Sioux Falls KILLS 800 children every year.

I am being good to my neighbor helping them understand we are killing children, not a glob of tissue like the abortion mills would have you believe.
Anonymous said…
Sure, Thune can say he will vote for Referred Law 6 but once he steps into the voting booth, we won't know which way he votes.
Anonymous said…
Ok, feasant, now answer my second question: how many unwanted children do you plan on adopting after HB1215 goes into effect?
Anonymous said…
feasant said:
"You are allowing someone to kill an innocent person. Justify that anyway you like. It is the same as the Nazi war crimes."

That's the same logic people use to bomb abortion clincs and assassinate abortion doctors.

You're really out on the lunatic fringe, aren't you feasant...

"I am being good to my neighbor..."

It doesn't say to be good. It says to love. Are you really loving your pro-choice neighbors, feasant, when you equate them with Nazi war criminals?
Anonymous said…
John Thune and others voicing opposition to referred measure six, the ban on abortion, because of rape and incest insist on dismissing a fundamental truth: that the child is a seperate person, (now provable immediately after conception by DNA science) and that person has a right to protection and life, NO LESS than the mother. It is illegal under the law to punish a child for the sin of the father, yet killing a baby in the womb because their father is a rapist is doing just that.

In the case of incest, Mr. Thune, it is worse because the abuser delivers the victim for an abortion, thereby destroying incriminating evidence of abuse, that being the child conceived -- with the father's DNA as proof. Aborting a child conceived in inceset also increases the likelihood of further abuse, as carrying the pregnancy to term would implicate the abuser and bring him to JUSTICE.

I believe that John Thune is more interested in his political behind than he is in protecting women and children. He is playing both sides against the middle and neither side likes what he has to say.

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