As a wedding present, Mitchell Daily Republic provides Herseth a strong spanking for her Iraq vote

Ouch - Check out this spanking that the Mitchell Daily Republic just served up to our Congresswoman with regards to her vote on Iraq. And only a few days preceding her marriage:
If this is the “new leadership” promised by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, then she shamelessly misled the public by promising to end partisan politics.

While we believe Herseth erred in voting for the bill, we don’t doubt her sincerity when she said she believed the measure was a compromise between those who demand an immediate withdrawal for Iraq and those who want no timetable at all.

A better course for Herseth lay in a third option. She should have opposed the measure and explained to her constituents that while she continues to support agriculture — which no one doubts — she could not endorse a measure that forced lawmakers to choose between two equally unattractive positions. By taking this path, she would have demonstrated that the measure was flawed because it included only two options, neither of them acceptable.
Read it all here.

Is it just me, or did the Herseth Honeymoon end as soon as she became part of the majority? It seems as if the media is holding her much more accountable for how she votes.


Ellen said…
are you joking? the media holding the Princess accountable?? surely you jest...she's getting away with murder all the time and they look the other way
Anonymous said…
this should surprise nobody. herseth is a liberal hack and always has been, but she pretended she was conservative when she ran for office and of course the media played along...she's about as blue as my arse
Anonymous said…
You guys watch Fox news too much.

The Supplemental:
Funding for the troops = good
Funding for Ag Disaster = good
Timetable = good
End of war = good
No more soliders sent back in coffins = good

What are you guys complaining about...I just don't get it.

Wake up!
Anonymous said…
Thank God she has the cojones to stand up to the idiots that got us into this war! Its about time.
Anonymous said…
Pelosi has little Stephanie on a tight leach and she votes as directed. Just look at her voting record. South Dakota is getting nothing but liberal excuses from the liberal brat.
Anonymous said…
9:37 & 9:45, what did you do in the eight minutes between your comments?

Funding for Ag Disaster = Pork
Timetable = sign that America's will is broken
End of War = the sooner the terrorists can get back to the business of attacking us on our soil
No more soldiers sent back in coffins = See last comment.

War is tough, dudes. It's got to be about as close to hell on earth as anything. People get killed and things get broken. Thank God for good men who were willing to fight to secure America's independence, to fight to end slavery, to fight against all kinds of ill that has infested this world over the years. Further, I thank God that some people in this country used to produce testosterone.

Good for the Mitchell Daily Republic.
Anonymous said…
What the hell does funding for agricultural disasters have to do with the war?
nonnie said…
10:01 anon. Funding for ag was the part of the hog (political pork, a.k.a. bribe by Pelosi) that Herseth got for her vote against the war. So much for Pelosi's promise to bring ethics to Congress! If you can't get people to vote your way, just bribe them. Way to go, Nancy. You had some of the people fooled for awhile, but your true colors are showing big time.
Anonymous said…
The only way they could pass the bills was fill it up with lots of pork. It gives them which ever excuse they can use back home to justify their vote!
People should have known in 04 about Heresth they didn't listen. O yea "Girl Power" gag and vomit.
by the way I am a woman no bias here.
Anonymous said…
The war is past immoral. Thousands of Americans die each year due to poverty, abuse and pro-choice laws in our own country - yet the Administration sits on its hands and spends billions to support opium farmers in Afghanistan and warlord thugs in Iraq. Yet GOP pros do nothing but defend our President because that's what they have been trained to do. Even Pavlov's dogs have a conscience, don't they?

To call this government truly Republican is insulting to true Republicans. To call it Christian is complete heresy.
Anonymous said…
Herseth is a disgusting sellout

it's clear she's with the liberals and not South Dakota
mahmoud said…
Peace be with you. We, the people of Iran, wish to send great thanks to the people of the great American state of South Dakota for the wise selection of Ms Herseth for their representative in the congress. When we visited with her leader, Ms Nancy Pulloutsi, when she was here on her junket, we heard good things about ...what do you call her?...princess stephie?

With her vote of support for our effort in Iraq, we now know we cannot fail. This would not be possible with out you and what you have done. We will remember this when we next visit South Dakota.

We are pleased the local infidel media has treated her lightly. We will remember that also. Even though she does not cover her shame we have regard for her. We will send her a burqa for a wedding present.
Anonymous said…
Love the last post! Much truth there.
Anonymous said…
ya well, the next to last post 12:05 a has now most likely put this blog on a security list.
Anonymous said…
Hey PP,

Did you know that the last eight war supporters left in this country are posting on your blog?

Just curious, when are you going to do a post on Senator Hagel? You know the Republican Senator from Nebraska. The one who blasted the Bush administration on the war. You know Nebraska a "conservative state" much like South Dakota.
Anonymous said…
The op-ed seems to spank Pelosi much more than Herseth. "While we believe Herseth erred in voting for the bill, we don’t doubt her sincerity when she said she believed the measure was a compromise between those who demand an immediate withdrawal for Iraq and those who want no timetable at all."

Saying that they don't doubt her sincerity in looking for compromise, is hardly calling her a "liberal hack" or whatever slurs you guys cast around here.
Anonymous said…
The most unsurprising thing about all of this is that the Mitchell Daily Republic recycled another, conservatives good, everyone else bad, editorial. Does anyone still take that paper seriously?
Anonymous said…
PP for Congress!

I've got a $500 check that I'll send the second you announce...

You'd clean her clock, PP. And you'd have all of us behind you...

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