Will they come with Rosemary and a little butter packet?

(HT to Argus.)

Apparently the South Dakota GFP is going to be stocking Rainbow trout April 1st just a little ways down the street from me.
“The first stocking of trout will be released in the Oahe Marina below the Oahe
Dam by April 1 with additional stockings planned throughout April,” Hanten said.
“Trout will also be released in Downs Marina and, if these fish follow the same
patterns as they have in the past, they will migrate out of the marina and spend
several weeks in and around the LaFramboise causeway fishing piers.

Read that here. Maybe I can catch them off the deck at the American Legion Cabin. Mmmmmm. My mouth is already watering.

But don't tell anyone they taste good sauteed in butter. Someone might try to ban it next year as being bad for you.


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