Here's what I'm sending out to the Legislators this AM

This is basically the note that I'm sending out to many of the Legislators this AM on HB 1189:

As the parent of six, soon to be seven children, I can assure you that this bill is a burden for your constituents with larger families, as well as an unreasonable intrusion of government into a decision best left to individuals.

It is not based in sound logic, because if it were, all persons regardless of age who didn't meet certain height and weight criteria would be forced to use booster seats, whether they were 7, 10, or 30 years old. In this instance one needs to ask oneself - at what point does government's role in our lives become overreaching? At what point are we no longer allowed to exercise our own judgement or free will?

It's easy to ban something because someone says "it's dangerous" or "it's bad for us." But absent a public outcry, should a legislator's personal objections give a legislative body the right to impose a law upon the rest of us? I think not.

I've always believed our manner of government is rooted in the freedom of the individual. As we chip away at those freedoms because someone, somewhere, thinks something is bad for us, we get away from government creating freedom and opportunity, and we enter into a realm where government serves as an agent of social engineering.

Let me assure you, social engineering is not what the residents of South Dakota are looking for. We're looking for freedom, and leaders who will protect it.

I would urge you to vote to uphold Governor Rounds' veto on HB 1189.

I'd urge you to also get on the horn and let them know they need to vote to uphold the veto.


Anonymous said…

Way to go. Up Veto i stand with you on this and hope our State Government does the same!!!
Anonymous said…
Powers: "I've always believed our manner of government is rooted in the freedom of the individual."

Of course unless is involves making sound medical decisions such as using medical marijuana. Then, Pat prefers arcane and unprincipled logic.
Anonymous said…
While you are at it, sir, please tell the legislators which of your seven children you are willing to sacrifice by not having them as safe as possible in your vehicle.

Is one of them more valuable than the rest?
Anonymous said…
Freedom of the individual extends to those who can make sound decisions. I'm not sure little kids have that ability. Ideally their parents will be able to do so. I'm sure you use car seats and booster seats for your little ones. But what about those parents who are not as conscientious?
PP said…
Anon 10:11 -

I sit them all very safely, thank you very much.

The point is, I don't need my government telling me how to do so.

Maybe you should tell me what freedoms (or vices) you're willing to give up because someone in Government doesn't think you should have them - Your hunting rifle? Riding without a motorcycle helmet? Smoking? Cooking with Trans-fats? Even Barbecuing outside?

Each of those has been under assault at one time or another because some legislator thinks "they're bad."

I prefer to make up my own mind.
PP said…
10:19 - why should the responsible majority suffer because of the irresponsible actions of a few.
Anonymous said…
Irresponsible actions of a few? You have intimated through this blog that you will not have your child that would fall under this legislation in a booster seat. You are the irresponsible few. This is about speaking for the children, not forcing upon adults. Your actions and words are based on a personal inconvenience the exposes your true nature.
Anonymous said…
What exactly does "absent a public outcry" mean? Just exactly when does it become okay to legislate these types of things?
Anonymous said…
Way to go, PP - largely in response to your letter, the House sustained the governor's veto. Common sense wins another rare and hard fought victory.
Anonymous said…
The legislature should bring a similar bill back next year. Since it is the "personal choice" of the parent, each parent should be required to view a video of what happens to a child that is not properly restained. Further, each parent should be required to be advised of the dangers associated with not having booster seats. Finally, the parent will need to sign a form stating his or her intentions. After all, we must do everything we can to protect those that can not protect themselves.
Again, once the baby is born, we don't care.
Anonymous said…
:30 AM, Weed and booster seats are two different topics. A person on medical weed can have is senses impaired and can CAUSE an accident, hurt others.

Not using a booster seat is not going to cause an accident. The driver just has to watch out for those driving while using medical marijuana.
Anonymous said…
Good one 2:31!!
Anonymous said…
Anon. 1:34 you are exactly right! I was wondering if anyone was ever going to realize how ridiculous it is for people to argue against booster seats while at the same time advocating against abortion. Isn't the pro life position all about protecting an innocent life? Once again, to heck with protecting the child once it is born.
Anonymous said…
And it is not at all ridiculous to encourage killing the child in the womb, but if she is born then we must be sure that she never even scrapes her knee!?
Anonymous said…
Hey PP, how about writing to the legislators asking them to support same-sex marriage? Or ask them to not bring up the abortion bill again?

Since you are all about freedom of the individual, gays and lesbians should be free to marry the same-sex partner of their choosing and woman should have the freedom to choose.

You DO support freedom of choice, don't you?
Anonymous said…
Anonymous 5:18 - Have you ever seen what happens to a child who slips out of his or her seatbelt when the vehicle in which he or she is riding rolls? The injuries are usually much more than a skinned knee. Think head injuries that leave them severly disabled.

And there is a considerable amount of difference between a two-inch embryo and a living child. If there isn't, why don't we hold funerals for embryos that are miscarried?
Anonymous said…
I grew up not wearing a seatbelt.... I made it somehow... Maybe I was allowed to fall down, get scrapes and bruises and learn how to live life with a little pain involved, heck I've broken bones even... Parents and lawmakers who want to baby their kids throughout life amaze me. The kids don't have any consequences for their actions. The tree huggers and liberals want it both ways, they want light weight cars (which are dangerous) that get good mileage and for their kids to be strapped in to a 5 point harnessed booster seat.

The same people that want these rediculous laws are the same that will have their kids strapped in watching a movie in the back seat while they are yacking on the phone holding up traffic.

Tell ya what put a spike in the center of your steering wheel and see if it changes your driving habits.
Anonymous said…
Paragraphs 3-5 could go verbatim into a letter urging legislators to reject an abortion ban. Good to see that you are pro-choice, PP.
Anonymous said…
"Let me assure you, social engineering is not what the residents of South Dakota are looking for."

Which South Dakota are you living in?
Anonymous said…
Glad to see you are pro-choice PP. This is exactly the same logic that can be applied to abortion rights in SD. Please be consistent and urge our legislators to stay out of the individual's freedom to terminate a pregnancy. We need less gov't interference in all of these private decisions that families can make for themselves.
Anonymous said…
8:07 am - So you grew up without wearing a seatbelt. Other people your age didn't wear a seatbelt and didn't grow up because they weren't strapped in when a car crashed or rolled.

They can't post on blogs to tell their story because they are dead or disabled.

Life wasn't wonderful for everyone in the years before people became more safety conscious. That is why these laws are in place now.

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