Score one for Good Government.

The Argus is reporting that the veto was sustained, and the vote to overturn failed 22-46.

Thank you to those House members who voted to halt nanny-government in it's tracks. Hopefully this vote was strong enough we won't see it again.


Anonymous said…
Too bad. I guess the Daddy state says it's okay for your kids to die.
Douglas said…
What have Republicans got against children of that specific size and weight? They must bite or something..should be past the age of drooling. I must confess that my recollections are getting dimmer every year.
Anonymous said…
Douglas, you're getting dimmer with each post.
Anonymous said…
PP: Hopefully this means you can stop your Democratic bleating about government telling you what to do with your brood.
Anonymous said…
I understand the bill required the use of booster seats for kids from 5 thru 7 years of age and under 80 pounds. What about kids that were 8 or 9 years old and under 80 lbs?

Doesn't the state care about them? After all, they don't fit in the seatbelts and shoulder straps either. Or people even older who are under 80 lbs, and there are quite a few. Why only kids 5 to 7? Maybe it was just the fourth step in total government mandated protection of those in a car.

Seat belts, then infant seats, child seats, now booster seats. All good, but so are helmets and fireproof clothes. Those next?
Douglas said…
We need speed bumps and rumble strips on the internet highway for all the anonymous posters who shift brain into reverse and accelerate to 75 without benefit of thought or reason.

Some internet highway licenses should be revoked..that is actually my wife's idea however.

There are government intrusions into privacy and action that make much less sense and are much more dangerous than a law requiring common sense on PUBLIC highways.

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