LifeNews: Fred Thompson possibilities affecting polling. Could he be the next Ronald Reagan?

According to Lifenews, as a non-candidate yet at this point, former Senator Fred Thompson is affecting presidential polls as a non-establishment conservative outsider. And people are starting to ask - Is he the next Ronald Reagan?
Pro-life advocates have been looking for an alternative to the current crop of Republican presidential candidates and they may have found their man. Since saying he's considering a bid for the GOP nomination, actor and former Tennessee senator Fred Thompson has shown well in his first poll.

The results are enough to make some political observers say he could be the next Ronald Reagan -- a conservative political outsider who bests the Republican Party's establishment candidates.

The latest USA Today/Gallup poll, conducted Friday through Sunday shows Thompson, who recently said he is pro-life and favors overturning Roe v. Wade, at 13 percent among Republicans nationally.

Ironically, the poll also finds pro-abortion ex-New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani dropping 12 points from his showing in the last survey.

Thompson's splash in the polls also undercut the support former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has -- he dropped from 8 percent and now stands at just 3 percent in the Gallup survey, which is within the margin of error.

State polls are showing similar changes when Fred Thompson's name is added as surveys by American Research Group show Giuliani dipping in New Hampshire and Newt Gingrich as the biggest loser in Iowa with his numbers nearly cut in half.
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Anonymous said…
Um, "LifeNews"????


Is LifeNews something you check regularly for "news?"
Anonymous said…
I wonder who PP is going to be supporting for President. It's so hard to get a read on his thinking... ;-)
Anonymous said…
Of course other candidates' polling numbers drop when a new candidate is added to the mix.

However, that does not mean that Thompson is electable....either by Republicans or by the Electoral College.

It's a curiosity, for sure, but given the choice between a has-been television actor and Obama, America picks Obama. Given the choice between that same has-been television actor and Giuliani, the nation's Republicans pick Giuliani.
Anonymous said…
I just spent a few minutes browsing the "LifeNews" site, the op-eds in particular are crazier than Steve Sibson at 2:30am...

Check out the Terri Schiavo op-ed...
PP said…
guys - I had it sent to me, and sometimes I'll link to various sources from various places.

And I've said before I like the idea of a Thompson candidacy
Anonymous said…
A couple of intersting articles about Thompson:

James Dobson (from Focus on the Family) stating that he is not Christian

And an article discussing the problems with FT and how is is NOT Ronald Reagan.

HT to Chad at CCK (allways good to do a little oposition research)
Anonymous said…
I'm a fan of Fred Thompson. I also have a lot of respect for Dr. Dobson. I wish that Dr. Dobson would try to articulate his thoughts a little more clearly. He has absolutely no authority to say "Fred Thompson is not a Christian." He should say something like "I don't think Fred Thompson appeals to evangelical Christians." He can telegraph the same signal of non-support to his followers without sounding silly.
Anonymous said…
I have little to no use for Dr. Dobson.

He seems to be shilling for Newt to join the race, and is doing his best to undermine support for every other Republican Candidate. There is no way he simply chose the wrong words, he deliberatly decided to "swift boat" a candidate who was gaining traction.
Brock said…
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Brock said…
PP, I did not realize that the results from a USA Today/Gallup poll are more/less credible, depending on who reports on them.

The article you linked to states, "The latest USA Today/Gallup poll, conducted Friday through Sunday shows Thompson, who recently said he is pro-life and favors overturning Roe v. Wade, at 13 percent among Republicans nationally."

If this had been a CBS story, as reported by the Perky One, would it be more credible? What if Keith Olbermann had pointed to it on MSNBC?

Isn't it shocking that this news has not yet hit the mainstream media airwaves? They love to point to USA Today/Gallup poll results.......sometimes.

Suffice it to say that Fred Thompson does not meet with their approval. Personally I don't know much about him. I hadn't heard of him--as either an actor or a US Senator--until a couple weeks ago. However, if the mainstream media avoids him like the plague, he can't be all bad.
Anonymous said…
Thompson and McCain are completely unacceptable to fiscal Republicans. They are *not* conservative candidates on issues critical to those of us on the economic side.

If the pro-Life movement cannot accept Giuliani, they would be better served by advocating a candidate who is acceptable to both social and fiscal Republicans, like Brownback.

Personally, I think Giuliani is perfectly acceptable. Unlike Romney, instead of attempting to pander, he stood by his beliefs but said that he would nominate strict constructionist judges. If Giuliani is functionally pro-life, I fail to see why his subjective opinions matter.
Anonymous said…
9:04---Are you talking about the Obama that "was" a Muslim for 25 years and whose middle name is Hussein? No way he gets elected...these things will come up eventually. To date, the media is coddling him. Nice try, though.
Anonymous said…

You have to stop getting you information from email forwards. Obama was never a Muslim. That lie has been debunked a million times over.

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