Mitchell Republic: Abortion, 150% and School Enrollment Numbers are coming back in 2008

The Mitchell Daily Republic has a story from that area's legislators noting that Abortion, the 150% rule and School Enrollment Numbers are issues that are all coming back in 2008.

The issue of educational funding was another hot button issue. Sen. Ed Olson, R-Mitchell, said the debate on educational funding highlighted a philosophical difference between the Senate and the House of Representatives.

“They’re far more conservative than we are,” he said. “They don’t really look as much as we do as education being an investment.”


“It is going to come back,” said Rep. Lance Carson, R-Mitchell. “As long as the Legislature is around, there will be some kind of abortion bill.”

After voters shot down an abortion ban in November, HB 1293 was introduced. The bill, which made exceptions for rape, incest and the health of the mother, was passed by the House but was deferred to the 41st day by the Senate State Affairs Committee, effectively killing the plan.

Olson said he fielded many questions about the continuing attempt to ban abortions in South Dakota.

“I was asked why we were dealing with this issue after the voters said they wanted a break on it,” he said. “I think you can make a case that they wanted the exceptions and that’s what the bill did. I’m not sure they said they want a break.”

Read it all here.

(You notice no one mentions car seats after the shellacking it took yesterday?)


Anonymous said…
In my humble opinion, this district is represented by three arrogant boobs.
nonnie said…
Well, if the $150 rule is back, I hope it's accompanied by some good HONEST property tax reform. Last year's bill was not it (except maybe for the sponsors). It would have raised our taxes even though the spin said it wouldn't.
Anonymous said…
173 was as close to revenue neutral as you can get. It raised some people's taxes and it cut some people's taxes. In taxes, shift happens!
Anonymous said…
Rep. Carson: the guy who sponsored nothing, said nothing, and did nothing this term. He's the prototype of a back-bencher. Don't count on him to get the job done.
nonnie said…
10:14 anon. Spoken by one who stood to benefit by the repeal or one of the sponsors, same deal. If you want property tax reform, then get property tax reform. If it raises my taxes, sorry, it's not reform.

Property owners are the go to people when anything needs more money - schools, townships, counties, you name it. Well, just maybe that well is dry and it's time to look at digging another one!
Anonymous said…
nonnie said;

"If it raises my taxes, sorry, it's not reform."

what if your taxes did not go up as much as everyone elses ?

what county/school district you live in nonnie ?
Anonymous said…
1:23 Says Carson sponsored nothing and did nothing this term. Let's see, he is a freshman, serving on appropriations. Those on appropriations are the hardest workers out there, working long hours in the usually boring committee.

As for sponsoring no bills, why does a freshman have to sponsor anything? They are learning, and a good legislator doesn't just throw a bill in so they can say "I sponsored something so I must be doing something". With over 500 bills out there they don't need more crap in the mix.

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