Senator Frank Kloucek sends out a press release on Ridgefield

In a press release issued today, Democratic State Senator Frank Kloucek is taking his case for the public to be concerned about Ridgefield to the Government Operations and Audit Committee.
Senator Kloucek Requests Government Operations and Audit Committee Investigate Ridgefield Farms State investment issues

March 26th 2007
News Release: for immediate release,
for more info call Senator Frank@ 583-4468

Senator Frank Kloucek formally requested that the Government operations and Audit committee do an in depth investigation of state involvement in the Ridgefield farms investment issues. Kloucek said, "I presented a formal written request for a Ridgefield investigation based on advice from the Legislative Research Council. The time has come to hold hearings and demand full accountability of the Dept. of Agriculture and Governors Office of Economic Development. Those development dollars, staff time, resources and direct state involvement cry for full disclosure and transparency. We must follow the Ridgefield money trail to wherever it leads us to make sure there were no laws broken. Also we must work to provide remedies to keep such a fiasco of this magnitude from ever happening again!!" concluded Senator Kloucek. Senator Kloucek presented his letter to the committee at approximately 4pm March 26th In LCR ROOM 1. AT 4; 45 pm today Senator Kloucek also met with Gail Sheppick Securities commissioner for the state of South Dakota and presented him with more Ridgefield Documentation and three questions from Mr Elliot[ a Ridgefield investor] surrounding the Ridgefield investment timelineand state involvement. [GOAC letter enclosed]

March 26th 2007

Honorable Representative Deb Peters and Honorable Senator Jason Gant
Chairpersons of Senate and House Government Operations and Audit Committees
500 East Capitol Pierre South Dakota 57501

Dear Senator Gant and Representative Peters:

Please consider this a formal request for the Joint Government Operations and Audit Committee of the South Dakota Legislature to hold hearings on the Ridgefield Farms investment issue. The hearings should focus on Governors Office of Economic Development and South Dakota Dept. of Agriculture involvement, decision making and money trail as it evolved from beginning proposals to final dissolution of Ridgefield Farms. I have given each of you some limited information as provided to me by investor Ben Elliot, as well as three questions he raised concerning this issue.

There is much more information available should you wish to pursue this issue. There are huge issues involved here with the use of GOED and Dept of Agriculture funds, resources, staff, staff time and the whole decision making process concerning such projects. There is no doubt that huge mistakes were made. Were laws broken and what the legislature can do to prevent or minimize such financial losses in the future are valid questions that I wish your committee to address. Thank you for your time and just consideration!


Senator Frank Kloucek
Are we going to take bets on whether or not they hit on that topic? As Frank continues to try to grab headlines with this issue, does he have yet to gain any traction?


Anonymous said…
I understand that Frank has retained Todd Epp in some unspecified capacity. Comparing Frank's infamous "Heidepriem email" to this letter, I think it's safe to guess that "spelling and grammar" are among Todd's duties.
Anonymous said…
Farmers Union decided not to pursue the return of their lost million dollars. Frank who was on the board decided that was not ok., and he was removed from the board.

Flandreau decided they wanted to try to get their money back and in trying to do so, it almost brought down a state senator.

There are people someplace trying to keep this investigation from taking place.

I applaud Frank in going forward to try and find out just what happened to the money and if fraud was committed. He already lost his seat on the board of the South Dakota Farmers Union over it. He knows there was something wrong. People better stand behind him, or this will happen again. We don't need to have South Dakotans hoodwinked out of their hard earned dollars by smooth talking hoodlums.

Just because a person is not highly knowledgeable in "spelling and grammar" does not mean that he doesn't know the difference between right and wrong.

There is a saying that goes something like this: "All it takes for a crime to be committed is for good men to do nothing." If anyone knows the exact words, please feel free to post it. Or, if the grammar police want to pick this apart, please feel free to do so. Let me assure you though, I know the difference between right and wrong, even though my spelling and grammar are sometimes "amiss."
Anonymous said…
6:00 -- great job Todd.
Anonymous said…
I am the 6:00 p.m. poster and am flattered that my post could be compared to something written by Todd Epp.

I'm sure he will read it over and find some errors.

Anyway, grammar and spelling have nothing to do with this case which involves many South Dakotans who have lost their money. Let's find out where why they felt it a safe investment and where the money really went to. Possibly, had all the facts been presented to them before they spent their hard earned dollars, they would not have invested.

If not all the facts were given to them, that is fraud and jail time is needed for those that deceived them; or, the money returned.
Anonymous said…
Well said ,2nd and 4th poster. But I wouldn't rely on Deb Peters to figure this out. She's a dim bulb who has no business being a committee chair. Who's back did she rub?
Anonymous said…
Moon Pie Faced Deb Peters (she's a CPA, if she didn't tell you) can't account her way out of a Hardee's receipt.
Anonymous said…
All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
Edmund Burke

No good business letter writer would use "!" in the letter--and esp. not two together.
Anonymous said…
Are people really that hung up on grammar and spelling on blogs?
I have to admit, I make mistakes and do not always catch them.
ON the other hand I also agree that messages boards are not a good thing for kids and their ability to use good grammar and full sentences or full spelling of words.
But, do the majority of blogs administrators or the posters really care?
Sorry off topic but brought up in a couple postings.
Anonymous said…
I think the "spelling and grammar" comment on Frank was meant to refer to that email he wrote to Heidepreim. It wasn't just that the spelling and grammar were bad - it was almost imcomprehensible in places. You don't have to be Shakespeare to be a legislator, but it was so poor that it really led me to question whether he had the capabilities necessary to do the job. That, combined with his track record over years in the legislature.

I don't think Frank is an evil man, and I know he believes sincerely in his causes, including his effort to uncover whatever went on with Ridgefield. But he is such an incredibly bad advocate for whatever he supports. That is the point.
Anonymous said…
Whether it's this blog or some of the others, the criticism could be taken with a higher level of seriousness if comment-posters didn't resort to attacks on people's physical appearance or even their names. People can't pick their parents, their DNA or their birth names.
Anonymous said…
I agree people should watch how they attack people.
As for grammar and spelling, that was my blunder yes, the poster is correct the letter to S.H. from F.K. was terrible.

On the grammar & spelling though so many people do scream on blogs about posters grammar and spelling. This must have been the topic covering such which made me question the whole thing.

Sorry for going off topic.

Off topic once more:
Ponder this:
What does this say of high education in this state?
Anonymous said…
8:34, you said: Off topic once more: Ponder this:
What does this say of HIGH EDUCATION (my emphasis)in this state?"
Sounds like Bob Newland wrote that one, ha.
Anonymous said…
11:24a Poster:
Nope this is no way in HeL_ 'Bobby N. O my gosh. makes me shiver with dread.

Post Meaning;
Mr. Frank K. graduated from a state college and have to pass English.
As the saying goes the quality of education has gone down hill over the last few generations.
If his era was to have been a good time to be educated and look at his grammar and spelling-- then what are we to think about education today?

I am still shaking after you thought i was B.N.
Anonymous said…
kloucek is an sdsu grad.

you can go anywhere from here.
Anonymous said…
I still think SDSU needs to CHANGE the saying.

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