Busy weekend, eh?

Sorry if I've been incommunicado over the weekend. I've been in Brookings working on home projects such as cleaning out the garage. While I was doing that, there was lots going on.

First and Foremost, South Dakota lost one of the true greats in politics this weekend. Dr. William "Bill" Farber passed away at the age of 96. Bill, who has had many students close to him over the years (typically known as "Farber Boys") reach national heights in politics and government was one of the true deans of South Dakota politics. Go read the article about him by Meagan Meyers at the Argus Leader.

The last time I saw him, was at USD during the 2002 campaign. I was present at the dedication of his statue, and the whole ceremony touched me a real reminder of how much one teacher could make a difference in so many lives.

Rest in Peace.


Next, the Argus 16 were released - and the big fluffy puff piece on Herseth's wedding plans was written as expected (at the Argus).

Somebody must have jumped the gun on that one when the link was put up a bit early.

Luckily in the midst of all the wedding preparations, our congressperson was not forgotten in the political spectrum - Jason Folkerts has a rather stinging editorial cartoon about her recent vote to cut funding off on our troops next year.


Today is the day for veto consideration, and the bill I'm the most concerned about - the piece of nanny-state legislation known as House Bill 1189.

It's up at about 10am in the House, so if you haven't contacted your legislators to urge them to vote against it, please do so quickly. I know I'm going to drop a few notes in the next hour or so to urge our Republican Legislators to actually vote in a Republican manner to kill big government legislation.

And I'd seriously consider exploring putting it forth as a ballot measure if it passes over a veto. Enough is enough - let's leave people in control of their own lives without government's say so.

Contact me here (if you haven't done so yet) and let me know if you'd want to help. Hopefully, it won't come to that.


I'll be doing some more blogging here and there today, as I've taken the day off to do some job hunting and chores in Brookings. I'll also be here later this week as my wife is going to be at a state-wide conference getting elected to something for her statewide professional organization (Go M.P.!)


Grassy Knoll said…
The "Argus 16" are freed, and the Argus Leader stops "protecting" Herseth by reporting about her upcoming wedding.

Now that the Argus has done exactly what PP, SDP, and the conservative commentors on this blog have asked, I'm sure a number of written apologies from the conspiracy theorists will follow this comment.

I'm holding my breath, and waiting...
Anonymous said…
big puff piece is right! what, is the Argus Leader Herseth's personal publicity machine??
PP said…
Grassy - It sounds like you're taking this much more seriously than the rest of us did.
Anonymous said…
Um, I don't see anything wrong with the Argus Herseth article. It is a wedding story, for Pete's sake! It's supposed to be nice and warm and fuzzy. Why do you people object to it?
Anonymous said…
11:01 am - They object to it because Herseth is a Democrat. If Thune was a bachelor who was getting married and the Argus wrote about it, they would think it was wonderful.
anneme said…
Why is it that so many people can't just let it be that Stephanie and Max are getting married? Let them have their happiness. The article in the Argus Leader might seem like its a fluff piece, but if a Republican single Senator or Representative was getting married I am sure the article would have still taken place. I think that Stephanie and crew were very daring in announcing such details of the wedding. I hope nobody that opposes her or her views would be dumb enough to do anything to cause a scene at the wedding or reception.

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