Congressional quarterly reports on the phantom signature

CQ was reporting on something interesting regarding the situation with Senator Johnson and his continued recuperation. Apparently he's being allowed to sign of on meetings he isn't attending as he continues his convalescence:
Sen. Tim Johnson wasn’t at Monday’s meeting of Iraq War spending conferees, but his signature was.


“When they passed the signature sheets around on the conference report, he had already signed,” said an aide who attended the meeting.

How Johnson’s signature got there remains something of a mystery.

Johnson spokeswoman Julianne Fisher claimed no knowledge of the signature’s existence, even after the conference had closed. “He’ll sign it by the time he needs to sign it,” she wrote in an e-mail.
Read it all here.


Anonymous said…
This Tim Johnson charade gets more and more bizarre every day. We're not being served. And all the Democrats and liberal reporters are conspiring to hide the truth. It's an appalling situation. Which reporter will finally have the b___s to ask the hard questions here?
Anonymous said…
"mystery" and "no knowledge" and somehow the letter got signed??? Something is very fishy! Why can Johnson "study memos" and "read briefings" and sign letters and introduce bills and serve on committees BUT HE CAN'T TALK TO REPORTERS?????
Anonymous said…
how long will he hide behind his staff until the press can question him regarding his official actions taken as a united states senator
scimitar said…

When any of you have a health problem, we expect you all to quit your jobs, to give up your health insurance and to stare bankruptcy straight in the face. Even if you expect to recover, just wave the white flag anyway and give up your careers and your financial security.

I understand that because you are cowards and quitters you can't understand it when others persevere, but there are some - including Senator Johnson - who don't give up. Tenacity is a good quality in a U.S. Senator.

I wish you the best in your recovery Tim!
Anonymous said…
Scimitar is right except for one thing. The first 3 posts are all from the same person.
Anonymous said…
Tenacity is one thing. Honesty is another.
Anonymous said…

Is this a phantom story? I have searched high and low on the CQ website and haven't been able to locate the WHOLE story.

I am very much interested in who the staffer is that saw this alleged signature.
Anonymous said…
I can't find the story either. The quote from Fisher is even more evasive than it for real?
Anonymous said…
The Argus Leader refuses to question the Democrats and the liberal nuts on this blog keep defending Tim while conservatives are asking the right questions. The partisan lines on this are clear...OR are they? My sources say that the Herseth people very much enjoy these stories about how Johnson's staff keeps hiding him and avoiding answering questions. Whatever the case is he looks ridiculous. and it's clear he can't do the job. Everyone is sympathetic, but we do need a full-time Senator.
Anonymous said…

I can't find the story either. In the future could you please link to the actual story instead of the front page of the site that has said story. I've had this problem in the past too.

Charley House said…

I'm no Tim Johnson fan but, let's try and keep this in perspective. SD Republicans have no beef with a sitting incapacitated Senator inasmuch as Karl Mundt pretty much set the bar for such a situation. Mundt held office for, I believe, a couple years without being able to act. That was by the rules and so is Johnson's situation.

Lighten up.
Anonymous said…
Anon. 2:03 I couldn't agree more! If Tim Johnson is allowed to serve from an "un-disclosed" location with bogus signatures showing up at committees, why wasn't Rep. Bill Janklow allowed to serve while he was in jail?

Ridiculous comparison? Maybe. My point is that South Dakota deserves a full-time, fully-functional senator. And please don't bring up Sen. Mundt. That was wrong then, just as this is wrong now.

I feel wholeheartedly for what Sen. Johnson and his family have been through, and I do wish him a full recovery.

But enough is enough. The cover-ups and question-dodging has got to stop. What happened to the transparency that libs usually scream for? Why aren't the reporters at the Argus digging into this story like they usually do when a Republican is involved? What happened to the founding premise of the fourth estate?

The message to Sen. Johnson needs to be loud and resounding... South Dakota wants to see and hear you. Your staff is doing you no favors. It's turning into a public relations nightmare.
PP said…
It's an article by Johnathan Allen posted yesterday 4/23. I'll see if I can scare up a hard copy...
Anonymous said…
How do you keep an elephant in suspense, 5:12? Tim Johnson will tell you tomorrow - or maybe he won't. Feel free to hold your breath.
Anonymous said…
Public relations nightmare? The only person in the world pushing this story is the guy who runs this site, and it's pretty obvious why.

Powers used to work for Rounds, and now he's doing the Governor's dirty work by trying to drag Tim through the mud so that squeaky clean Rounds can keep the blood off of his hands. He sets up the stories and lets the anonymous posters claim that the Argus Leaders is biased. It's the same tactic John Lauck and Jason VanBeek used in the 2004 senate race and they're trying to do it again here.

All of this is designed to soften up Tim for a race against Rounds. And PP used to have his check signed by the Governor (not to mention the anonymous posters on this blog....). If Rounds wants to pick a fight with Johnson, you'd think he'd at least be man enough to do it himself, and not have his lackeys doing it anonymously.
Anonymous said…
5:22 - You don't have to believe this, but here goes. I do not know and have never met the person who runs this blog. I wouldn't know him if walked into my house right now, so I am not one of his "lackeys". I don't know Governor Rounds personally, but in fact I am not thrilled with him these days because he is indecisive and evasive. But I do want to see some transparency here with Senator Johnson. And I do believe that if this involved a Republican, the media would not let go of it. I don't know what happened in the past, since I have not lived here that long, but as someone said earlier, it was wrong then and wrong now. It has nothing to do with being heartless. It has to do with being honest. Senator Johnson and his staff are hiding, and the media is allowing them to do it. THAT is wrong.
PP said…
5:22, at least be man enough to use your name as opposed to pseudonym if you're going to cast wild aspersions.

And lackey? (You don't know me very well, do you?) If I was as you speak, I'm sure I'd be under much less stress in my life, and at the same time a lot nicer to some of those who claim the same political affiliation.

Regardless, as far as I know, the Gov is not running. As far as anything I've heard, he's not telling anyone he's running. (So god forbid, we might consider taking him at his word until a shred of evidence might exist to the contrary.)

And how is my quoting a story that appeared yesterday in CQ dragging anyone through the mud?
Anonymous said…
Looks like Johnson's staff has been posting. They must not have enough to do.

No doubt if this was being done by a Republican the press would be all over it.

South Dakota deserves a full time Senator!
Anonymous said…
This man is a public figure, a US Senator who ran as an individual to represent the people of SD...GOP and Dem. For Frick's sake, why the deference after this much time?

What is his condition? Prognosis? If he wanted privacy he should have been a lawyer in Vermillion instead of a US SENATOR! HELLO, IS ANYONE LISTENING. WE DO NOT KNOW THE MENTAL AND PHYSICAL CONDITION OF OUR SENIOR US SENATOR AND NO ONE SEEMS TO CARE (because we all respect his privacy and wish him well-gosh).

This is beyond silly, it's sad. And drop the Karl M. stuff, we are in the information age...information, get it. The world and PP are at our finger tips but the medical condition or arguable our most powerful state political figure is unknown after all this time.


A member of the GOP who voted for Johnson over Thune in 04.
Anonymous said…
I'm glad it's finally coming to this point, where people are asking "what's going on here?"

If Johnson was a Republican, the Argus would have had three full Sunday editions devoted to running him out of office by now.

Right Randall???

But, hiding behind the sympathy and liberalism has been something the Dems have been capitalizing on.

The sympathy vote will probably decide the next US Senate election in SD, and that's just wrong.
Charley House said…

Nice try on the Mundt dodge but, no sale. We didn’t know Mundt’s condition not because there was no Internet nor because that was the dark ages. We didn’t know it because it was kept secret, as Johnson’s is. There is no difference between the two situations – both were (and are) played for political purposes.


Of course Rounds is running for the Senate. Every move he makes is predicated on the basis of how it will affect his prospects in ’08. Now, will he pull back or accelerate depending on events? Of course. But, please – right now he’s behaving as a candidate. That he declares himself or not is beside the point.
Anonymous said…
I can't believe the melodarma here!. You people will all have to endure the piss in your pants, because none of the rest of us will. Who do you think you are, anyway?
Anonymous said…
4:21 - Even the Republicans back the 1960s tried to talk Mundt into resigning, and he refused. It is not true that Republicans were content with the situation then. In fact, Gov. Farrar asked Mundt to resign, but Mundt wouldn't do it unless Farrar would appoint Mrs. Mundt.

7:09 - Of course Rounds IS NOT running for the Senate. I can't think of ANYTHING that he has done that would indicate otherwise.
Charley House said…
8:00 That's only part of the story. After Kneip won the R's urged Mundt to stay on. As I said - then and now the situations are being played to their best political advantage. Nothing wrong with that. It's how the game works.

And, as to your ignorance of Rounds setting himself up for a run at the Senate, well, that's simply your ignorance.
Anonymous said…
I knew this topic woul dgo to hel_ fast that is why i didn't post last night. Don't know why I am positng now???

Let's hear and see you Sen. Tim Johnson not your staff!
Anonymous said…
Charley House - How do you know Rounds is running for Senate? What specifically informs your opinion? What has he done to prepare for a run that he would not do in the normal course of holding his current office? I am curious because you seem very certain.
Anonymous said…
"at least be man enough to use your name as opposed to pseudonym"

This from "PP".

Obviously not sharpest knife in the drawer, is he...
Anonymous said…
Charley House said…

I have no inside dope on what Rounds will do. But, do the math – he’s a very popular termed out Republican Governor in a very Republican state. He doesn’t want to be in the House and Herseth Sandlin is too strong to unseat there anyway. The only step left is the US Senate. He’s the only Governor I know of who stayed at the White House during the recent national Governor’s conference. When asked if Bush talked to him about running for Senate (as Bush did with Thune) Rounds ducked the question, said he and the President talked about a lot of things. Rounds doesn’t say he’s not planning for a run, doesn’t say he will not run. He says he likes his job – that hardly precludes him from running.

As pp knows (or should know) many campaigns get started long before they are announced as starting. I can’t think of any reason to think Rounds is not preparing to run. I think he’s setting up for a run and will stand down only if a robust Johnson decides to run again or if Rounds’ polling (and you know his people are polling) shows he cannot beat Herseth Sandlin in the event Johnson retires.
Anonymous said…
Charley House is never wrong, except when he is.
Anonymous said…
Any luck coming up with this story PP? When I googled it the only reference I found for it was your website.
Charley House said…

I don't claim infallibility. But, at least I’m willing to make an argument for my position. I don't see anyone making the case for Rounds returning full time to the insurance biz.
nonnie said…
Getting back to topic here:

If there was a story on this on 4-23 by J. Allen (and I don't doubt there was), and if that story no longer exists (disappeared, was pulled, what have you), isn't that just more of the same-o-same-o coverup etc that we have been seeing regarding Johnson's ability to serve?

i.e. staged pictures, widening the doors to his office, hiring staff, collecting campaign funds, saying he's working from his hospital/rehab room, etc. But no actual, factual, news.

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