Political Items - South Dakota Specials...

I was doing some "stuff" recently which allowed me to get some pictures of some unbelievable South Dakota political items - things I've never seen before. And being a sharing person, I thought I'd share the experience with you.

President Taft, Gubernatorial candidate Vessey, and in what would have been his inaugural US Senate Run, Coe Crawford. If anyone has one of these they'd like to sell, drop me a note. I'm sure I could give you $10 for it. ;)

There are a lot of harsh political pins out there in the McGovern Era - but this is by far the harshest. "Acid - Amnesty - Appeasement - Vote McGovern." Yow. This is the first time I've run across this rarity.

I actually owned one of these at one time, many years ago. That, and an honest to goodness Coe Crawford for Governor pin. But I haven't seen the Burke one since, until now. Another very early SD Pin for one of Charles H. Burke's political campaigns in the early part of the century (Congress or Senate).

Got a rare political item you'd like to share a picture of? Let me know.


Anonymous said…
Was that McGovern's motto? Seems to have stuck with his party.
Anonymous said…
I hadn't seen the McGovern pin before - sure wish I had gotten one way back then. How true!!!
Anonymous said…
McGovern did an excellent op-ed piece in the LA Times yesterday.
Anonymous said…
Wow! the Republican Party was even selling snake oil 100 years ago.

Taft was progressive? bull$#!%

Teddy Roosevelt was progressive. Taft was anything but
Douglas said…
Guess I'll have to get some

"GOP the
Borrow and

buttons printed.

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