Look what I found in my stuff. A Wendell Willkie political pin.

I was cleaning out some boxes I had brought over to Brookings this weekend, and unexpectedly came across this gem of a political pin in my stuff. In fact, I'd forgotten I even had it. The picture doesn't do it justice, as it's nearly perfect in every way.

This pin comes from the 1940 presidential election of Wendell Willkie against FDR. South Dakota was one of 10 states that Willkie carried. I kept it pinned to my shirt all day so I wouldn't misplace it, and as I took it off tonight, I thought I'd share a picture of it.

For those collectors among you, you can generally find this pin for about $20.00 or less.


Nicholas Nemec said…
In general do you find memorabilia from winning candidates worth more than stuff from losing candidates? Or, is it the other way around because of the rarity of the losers stuff?

Is there any candidate whose memorabilia really commands a premium?
Lee Schoenbeck said…
winning and loosing candidates is not as big of a factor as the scarity in the pin and the cache that some canidadtes have. Other than the most common pieces, Kennedy stuff (Bobby and John)are big items. In South Dakota, innagural buttons are collected by many - and the older ones are hard to come by. We have a political button collectors group that meets twice a year. E-mail me if you want info on it.
Anonymous said…
Ditto to what Schoenbeck said. But generally, most anything earlier than FDR commands a higher price.

The most valuable ones typically have a picture of the candidate on it.
Anonymous said…

The McKinley Hobart Gold Bug is very desired...

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