Yes, that's a paid advertisement. So please go visit the website.

The Sam Kooiker campaign was nice enough to buy an ad here to promote his website which was just fired up for public view. So take a moment to go over and visit to learn more about the candidate.


Anonymous said…
gggggoooooooooo SSAAAAAMMMMMMMM
Anonymous said…
Guess why it doesnt say ???? because that is owned by Mike Schumacher, who doesnt support Sam anymore. The lesson is, be careful who you let buy your domain names !!
Anonymous said…
You know, for someone who is charging to put ads up on his site, you'd think PP would at least take the time to make sure they are readable.

Hey... click on the blue and yellow glob up in the corner. It's attractive!
Anonymous said…
Move the two "o's"closer together, overlapping, so they read as eyes (because they do anyway) then play with the idea of "Kookier" because no one else can help not to.

Sam looks like a nut.

And a punk.

He should play on that.

He couldn't grow a Shaw beard if he wanted to.

But guess what, why would he want to?

Even so, right now, Sam looks like a poop-butt.

I wouldn't vote for him because he doesn't seem to have any ability to lead.

In fact, I bet I could get him to do just about anything I want him to do (and so could Doug Hamilton.)

The difference is, I'm nobody.

Do you see, Sam?
Douglas said…
I have no clue who are the anonymous posters here, but I have met Kooiker, and even if he is probably a rabid Republican, he also has some common sense and my guess is basically honest.

His website sucks however. A plain simple free blog would probably work better and could be made readable for people with less than perfect vision. With as little info as there is there, the site sure doesn't need any menus.

It doesn't appear to me that his appearance is something that warrants much discussion here and a poster doing that says more about himself than he does about Kooiker.
Anonymous said…
Before you ever meet Kookier, you meet his poster, Doug.

Sometime's that's all you'll ever meet.

Thus, it should feel right. Not wrong.

And I could care less whether
you agree with me or not..

Kookier is a bitch of a Brand.
Someone needs to manage it gently.


No one ever has.

End of lecture.
Anonymous said…
Go Sam, he is the right man and canidate for the job.
Anonymous said…
At least Sam has a site to check out. Thats more than your gonna see from the other candidates.
Anonymous said…
I see Schumacher has taken up drinking while he blogs. Are you triple spacing so you can see your own words, Mike ? or just to make it harder for folks reading this thread ? I hope PP deletes your posts.
Anonymous said…
It looks okay on my screen! I do not always have the best view as i need to update my liquid color.
But I disagree with 6:46 p post!

Try and upgrade
Anonymous said…
I disagree with Doug. Kooiker isn't a rabid Republican. In fact, he even gave some money to my friend, Justin Lena, in his race against David Lust and Ed McLaughlin. I do find it peculiar that Kooiker mentions his wife's parents by name, as well as context to up the West River ante, but no mention is made of his parents. Is this so people don't question whether or not someone who has only been West River for eight years should be Mayor? Just seems odd.
Anonymous said…
Kooiker: one who kooiks

Kooik: to repeatedly rub one's dingus.

Dingus: any device; contrivance; gadget: humorous substitute for a name temporarily forgotten or not known.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
schumacher: one who has been kooiked
Anonymous said…
I wonder how it feels to be kooiked ? .

The "rising star" Schumacher, run outa town by a young, skinny, "poop-butt", "dingus".

Must be embarrasing to have to leave town because of someone that "cant lead". Kooiker led Schumacher out of Rapid City !! We should all thank Sam Kooiker for that.

Schumacher is leaving Rapid City, defeated, shamed. Reduced to an anonymous blogger, typing double spaced insults, anonymously, while he is supposedly at work.

Hey Mike Schumacher, if Kooiker "cant lead" come back and run against him in 2 years, ok ? by then, Rapid city will be ready for a real leader like you.(hahaha)

I bet he would beat you worse than he beat Hennies.

Mike, seriously, if you are leaving, please leave with the little bit of dignity you have left. Leave Sam alone, He has never done anything to hurt you, or, said anything to hurt you, still doesnt.
scimitar said…
It is very odd that the "About Sam" section on his campaign website says who his wife's parents are and where his wife grew up, but says nothing about who Sam's parents are or where Sam grew up.

I've never seen such a thing in any campaign brochure or website - and I've seen a lot of them.
Anonymous said…
That's because Sam's real name is "Mork."And he's from the planet "Remulac" (over by Lesterville.)
Michael Schumacher said…
I was just going to let it pass, but the comments at 12:29 AM led me to comment. I am not the "kooiked" writer, nor am I responsible for any of these posts. I don't even understand what the person is trying to say.
Anonymous said…
Just like Mike doesn't understand "ethics" or "honesty."
Anonymous said…

Kooiker is from Iowa, and he talks about it often. And unlike the current Mayor, Kooiker is welcome to visit Iowa anytime.
Michael Sanborn said…
I have posted here anonymously before. I won't in the future. I appreciated your decision in the past to insist that people posting on this race identify themselves.

This blog is often chock full of lively discussion. But if you're going to attack the character of either Schumacher or Kooiker, or Hanks for that should identify yourself.
Anonymous said…
9:53pm & 9:45am:

Couple of skanks!

This is how a political "bitches" behave.

One never says such things unless s/he
is (shall we say in Republican speak?) intensly leveraged.

In short, don't whine here, boys.

Run, Mikes, Run!
Douglas said…
Click on the ad. At least the actual website ad size has been improved.

I am still no fan of Flash in ads. The delay in time and information is almost never made up for by better text and information.
Anonymous said…
To: Anon 6:18 PM:

Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh, What?
Anonymous said…
I think 6:18 is evidence of our meth problem.

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