No. It's ok. She's my second cousin

I was just starting to do some research on the Secretary of State's website for something I'm working on, and I noticed a couple of things.

First off - They have a motto now. Maybe I just missed it before, but I'm noticing tonight.
Click on the image below, and you can read the motto that has been added which notes:

"Rising above your expectation with excellent customer service through friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive personal assistance."

But that didn't grab me as much as the next thing I came across as I was looking up some voter registration statistics. For some odd reason, they have a degree of kinship chart here.

(Click to enlarge, y'all)

I think this is a more recent addition. I'm assuming it's so people can look at the chart and figure out if they're allowed unlimited donations or exempt from other campaign finance laws based on their "degree of relativity." That's got to be it.

Or else it's for purposes which are going to open up a whole slew of Fort Pierre jokes on my part.


Anonymous said…
Why must you pick on Fort Pierre?????

PP said…
Did you click your heels three times when you said that?
Anonymous said…
Shouldn't every state agency have the motto "Making South Dakota... Even Better!"?
Anonymous said…
SOS = worst motto ever
Anonymous said…
Some state agency's motto should be "Working together to be more like an eagle and less like an oyster."
Anonymous said…
Hey, that's the motto from the Mustang Ranch! Just got torn down, so they won't be needing the motto anymore.
Anonymous said…
Secretary of state's actual motto is from the mustang ranch - not the eagle/oyster one, which was rejected by the mustang ranch.
Anonymous said…
Picking up on your sarcasm 10:40
Anonymous said…
Great! Now sheep will be able to donate unlimited amounts of money to West River candidates!
Anonymous said…
Silly anon! sheep don't have money - they work for free. And they keep their mouths shut.

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