I'm baack.... Notes from the Codington County Lincoln Day Dinner

After taking Saturday completely off from blogging, and doing my household chores inside at the Brookings headquarters of the SDWC earlier today, I'm back on-line!

The big event of my weekend was the Codington County Lincoln Day Dinner on Friday night. It was a great opportunity, because from my experiences that evening, I learned three things.

First, when attending a Lincoln Day Dinner, bring the good camera. The little one just can't handle the low light as evidenced from my picture of former State Senator (and current Codington County GOP Finance Chairman) Lee Schoenbeck here:

and my picture of US Senator John Thune here:

If I hadn't tried some correction (gamma correction was cranked way up) on them, they might as well have been a picture of a black lab in a cave at midnight. Considering I had the best seat I've had at most any Lincoln Day Dinner I've ever attended, the bad photography is even more inexcusable on my part.

The second thing I learned was from Senator Thune's speech - That in this century, America has faced and fought three -ism's:
1. Nazism,
2. Communism, and
3. Terrorism
And in all three of those challenges, our country standing strongly is what made - and will make - the differnece in overcoming those threats to world peace and stability. Excellent speech.

And the third thing I learned? Mention it to your wife if you're going to send a Senator over to your house so he has a chance to "freshen up." (Most will acknowledge they would like the option to give the house a "once-over" first).

But that's a story for another day....


Anonymous said…
How do whiz-bang wonders of political candidates of both parties never seem to think about lighting? They allow their candidates to speak in areas with crappy lighting that makes them look like death warmed over and then wonder why the crowd is not going nuts.

I have harangued the Democrats, your job to rattle the GOP cages.

Of course, they don't want to have their expensive haircuts show up as a campaign expense..even if it is actually to look alive on TV.

)))) Doug Wiken (Blogger has lost my login info again)
joan said…
There is no point in showing a photo with that poor of quality unless it's of something earth-shaking like a person jumping off a skyscraper or someone committing a crime. When the photo is a headshot, as is the case here, it is pointless to use it because we can't make out who it is anyway.
PP said…
Joan - that was my point.
Anonymous said…
O heck, yes the pics are not good. But I could tell who they were by looking at them.
But that is me.
impotent potentate said…
In this century where has Nazism been found except as an affectation from the prison-clad crowd in the pen? The "ism's" that are taking the greatest toll include:

Recidivism: Largest prison population in our history.

Monotheism: Warfare in the middle east cloaked as weapons of mass destruction, incubation of democracy or removal of a dictator instead of what the radical Islamists describe as a Jihad against America and the free world.
Anonymous said…
Don't foget our current challenges: "fundamentalism", "dominionism," "racism", "sexism", "extremisim", and "facism."
Anonymous said…
As a Thune supporter, I disagree with his terminology: Terrorism is a tactic, not an ideological opponent. Are we really battling the IRA in Belfast and E.T.A. in Spain in the same way we rightfully confront Islamic terrorists in the Middle East? I think not.
Anonymous said…
1:19 Exactly.

And we would be fighting Islamic Jihaddist Fundamentalists even if they weren't using terrorist tactics.

By the way, was dropping nukes on the civilians of Hiroshima and Nagasaki a form of terrorism?
Anonymous said…
wiken, blogger keeps doing that to me, too, losing my login info.

Anonymous said…
Hey! Wiken, lexrex. No making nice nice on the side. Back into your corners and fight like men!
Anonymous said…
PP, I think you captured the true essence of Sen. Thune with that picture. The photo is the most accurate likeness of our junior senator that I have seen anywhere.

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