Good Catch - Commenter points out a fatal discrepancy which brings document's authenticity into question.

I should slap myself for missing this one.

If you read about the controversy over a document mysteriously surfacing 10 months after it was written (and 6 months after it was supposed to be disclosed) in which Rapid City Businessman Doug Hamilton had allegedly hired city councilman Mike Schumacher to help Sam Kooiker - which Kooiker says is false - there are a few things which don't add up in the story.

First, no consultant or PAC I've ever seen files a contract with the Secretary of State. This raised a red flag for me. But a commenter on the previous post deserves the blue ribbon for bringing up an even bigger red flag as to it's authenticity. Here's what they had to say:
Note the date of the supposed contract - 5-31-06. Schumacher was going to do 350 hours of work for $20 per hour? Hmmm. At the time Hamilton and Schumacher reached this "agreement" there were only 144 hours left before the election.
Read that here. So the contract was for 350 hours, yet at the point it was signed, there were only 6 days left until the election. Even staying awake the entire 6 days and working non-stop on the campaign, that would have been an impossibility.

There's something fishy here. Really fishy.


Anonymous said…
Oh settle down.

First, you should slap yourself a lot given the junk you write.

Second, the contract may have been meant to cover work already done and work to be done.
PP said…
Obviously you must have never worked on a contractual basis.

I think if they would have went to the trouble of writing a contract for so many hours, and there would have been previous work performed, it would have noted it.

If it was done on a friendly "handshake" basis up to that point, why bother writing a contract setting forth the terms just 6 days before the election?

Why is it only coming to light and being filed with the Secretary of State's office a couple of weeks ago?

And the biggest one - why is the contract being filed with the SOS in the first place? No one does that, and it's not required.

The whole scenario seems to be a house of cards that's quickly falling apart.
Anonymous said…
Obviously pp's never went to a English class.
Anonymous said…
It seems to me that the answer is fairly simple. Kooiker's campaign is scrambling to put a different spin on it to deflect the fallout from him. Enough said?
Anonymous said…
Funny. I wondered where the "gone" had went?
Anonymous said…
Hear that?

Of course you don't hear that. The black helicopters are silent.
Anonymous said…
For those who don't know, check the RC Journal's and RC Weekly News' coverage of the Shaw - Hamilton - Schumacher "money for nothin" debacle.

Mayor's running scared, Schumacher's toast, Hamilton's just plain demented IMO.

Check the dates on the news stories and the "amended" filing date.

The only bad news for Kooiker is if AG Long took money from Hamilton, too.

Check the SOS site and search for the bread crumbs.

Sounds like a job for Preiksat :>)

Happy Hunting
Anonymous said…
It is amazing how many conspiracy theorists we have here. The simplest explanation is probably the accurate one. 1) PP brought up the payment to Schumacher by the Elect Better Government PAC. 2) The PAC realized the error in naming Schumacher as the candidate, rather than Kooiker. 3) Amended the filing to be accurate and mailed it in prior to Kooiker's proclamation of being Hamilton-free, but it happened to be received the same day. 4) Kooiker didn't know the amount, but knew about the arrangement and thought it would just be listed a Consulting on the PAC form, rather than his beloved "full-disclosure," "sunshine," or "transparency." I don't believe anything duplicitous or heinous occurred, but it is becoming something of a sticky-wicket with Kooiker's proclamations and protestations regarding the contributations for his electation to the City Councilation.
Anonymous said…
pp. You are as full of s***t as a Christmas Goose.
Anonymous said…
Search the link. It raised about $40,000. Go the to SOS site. See if you can find it. No doubt another amended report is on its way.

There are NO coincidences – ask any experienced criminal investigator.

It’s not a theory if it’s true.

DO you think AG Long investigates now or gives his buddies a break until after the election?

Follow the money.
Anonymous said…
Looks like Kooiker is clearly the front runner.
Anonymous said…
Having been in Schumachers social circle, I know he was paid to help Fuller, not Kooiker. This amendment is just another political ruse typical of Schumacher. He is in his "sampson mode" if I die you all die with me,,,,,,
Yankton Mom said…
I have been following this from across the state, and I'm troubled by the example Mr. Schumacher's conduct sets. How he conducts himself is going to be passed on to his child.

She might be young now, but she will read about father and learn from his example that:

1. Everyone has a price.
2. Friends are disposable.
3. Money is more important than anything.
4. When the path looks difficult, walk away.
5. Politics are a dirty thing.
6. When you feel that you've been wronged, hurt them back.

I weep for our future.
Anonymous said…
PP. The reason you will remain forever an amateur is self evident in this thread. You not only don't know Jack, you don't even know his momma.
Anonymous said…
The postman always rings twice. Schumacher was paid to help Kooiker and Kooiker knew it. He knew there was a bonus based on percentages, it was fairly well known. Kooiker might be accurate when he says he didn't know the exact amount, but then he should just file an amended report, but he has been to adamant about being nearly Hamilton-free, so he has to deny, deny, deny.
Anonymous said…
As Scumaker tyoes furiously into the night....
Anonymous said…
And we care about this because...??? And 8:53, "I weep for our future.." Jeez, quit with the drama. Like a picayune Rapid City election really matters in the big scheme of things.
Anonymous said…
"War College" my *ss. You should call this the "Chicken Sh*t Blog."
Wiley said…
to Yankton Mom:
Good grief. Like we can't figure out who you are and what your agenda is! A little too obvious me thinks!
Wiley said…
Another thought to Yankton mom:
Have you even been to Yankton? Hahahahahahahaha
Wiley said…
Another thought to Yankton mom:
Have you even been to Yankton? Hahahahahahahaha
Anonymous said…
hey, thars n eko in heeer
pdq said…
Since Scum-macher likes to blog so much, maybe sh should start his own.

Oh, that's right. Because he'd have to be a man and defend his own words.
Anonymous said…
Kookier and Russell should jointly ask the attorney general to investigate. Subpoena the PAC's and Schumacher's bank records. If not paid until September and October, it becomes evident. Also, acquire a copy of the Fuller/Schumacher contract. Of course, the non-fraudulent one.
Anonymous said…
Schumacher doesnt need to start a blog, as one blogger already said this blog is for chicken s****. He will feel comfortable right here. Of course I think it was Schumacher that said this blog is for chicken s**** in the first place.

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