CQ/NY Times speculate on Johnson race

Congressional Quarterly is speculating on the Johnson race in today's edition along with the help of Argus Leader columnist Dave Kranz:

Given Johnson’s long recovery and his uncertain political status, Republicans are finding it uncomfortable to fight back. “It’s an awkward thing for the Republicans strategically,” Kranz said.

The top Republican Senate candidate would be Gov. Mike Rounds, who has strong approval ratings. But political observers are unsure Rounds will run: The governor has repeatedly skirted questions about his national political ambitions by saying he loves his current job.


If Johnson declines to seek re-election, Republicans who would consider a Senate race include former Lt. Gov. Steve Kirby, who is personally wealthy and who lost to Rounds in the 2002 primary for governor. Also mentioned are Jarrod Johnson, the state School and Public Lands Commissioner, and Dusty Johnson, the chairman of the state Public Utilities Commission. Neither man is related to Sen. Johnson.

Michael Card, a political scientist at the University of South Dakota, said former state House Speaker Matt Michaels and state Senate Majority Leader Dave Knudson have ample name recognition but neither has publicly expressed interest in running for the Senate.

On the Democratic side, Rep. Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin would be far and away her party’s strongest candidate if Johnson does not run.
Read the entire story here. One problem I have with the story is that Dave's view of the Senatorial field and mine differ. I think there are several other credible Republicans who could also give the race a good shot.

What say you the reader - who are the other big dogs the GOP has hanging around the porch?


Anonymous said…
Why does anybody quote a Democratic hack like Kranz? He just spouts the Democratic line every time.
Anonymous said…
Jim Seward for Senate!
Anonymous said…
when will this Weekend at Bernie's charade end?

the media has been pathetic on this story
Anonymous said…
Other possible candidates:
US Senate:
Marty Jackley (sorry forgot how to spell last name, duh feeling)
Chris Nelson
Larry Long
What about Mark Barnett
SD Governor:
Matt M.
US House:
list later.
Anonymous said…
11:10, Matt M.(cCaulley)? At least I could consider voting for that one.
Anonymous said…
Yep, Matt should have been included on my list, sorry.
I just typed it off the top of my head and knew i could be missing some.
Though some might see Matt Mc with some baggage????
Anonymous said…
We might not be having this discussion if Senator Johnson would be forthcoming about his condition. The media (THAT'YOU, ARGUS) have not been doing their job. The media kept a respectful distance at the beginning, as they should have. But enough time has passed. If the Senator is well enough to be telling his staff what he wants to say in press releases, then he needs to talk to the press. We don't have to know about the "undisclosed location" of his recovery. But we do need to know about the progress of that recovery. We are owed that as South Dakotans who are not fully represented in the Senate. And this will sound harsh, but I am going to say it: It is possible that Senator Johnson is playing politics with this. He knows that Republicans aren't going to be circling the wagons while he is less than functional. Do the right thing, media and Senator Johnson. Tell us the truth.
Anonymous said…
Steve Kirby? Who actually thought that was a good idea?

The guy who was the supposed secret donor for the abortion ban and probably the one who Hunt laundered money for. Like all of that would not come out in an election.
Anonymous said…
The only person who can beat Johnson is Rounds, and he told the voters last year that he would serve out his term. Incumbents win 95% of the time, and this will be no different.
Anonymous said…
Dykstra for Congress 2008

You know its comin'
Anonymous said…
Jarrod Johnson HA HA HA HA for HA HA HA HA HA HA the U.S. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA Senate?!!!??
Anonymous said…
8:34 is right.

If Johnson is well enough to tell his staff how to vote (with his proxy) in committee and what to say in press releases, then he ought to be able to sit down for a few minutes with a reporter.
Anonymous said…
What I am about to say is NOT a anti Dem comment so do not take it as a political ploy.
If a US Congressman or US Senator is in a long battle with an illness I feel it is only fair and in the best interest of a state that they step down. Look at South Dakota and how we are represented we only have 3.
We need a voice in there fighting the fights!
I have only well wishes for Sen. Johnson and his family. No matter what party I would never wish ill thoughts!
Anonymous said…
First off, everybody seems to be missing one of the biggest GOP dogs.

PP himself.

As to the Jarrod Johnson speculation...what utter buffoonism. Let's let him figure out how to do his current job before giving him a new one. I'm surprised somebody didn't suggest his "hot" chick employee Jae Asdfghjkl should run, after she's done being a movie star on the tax payer's dime.
Anonymous said…
"on the taxpayers dime"?? Not. Such sophomoric envy.

And J Johnson would be a fine senator, but give him a few years to clean up Healy's mess first.
Tom said…
10:52 - Dykstra would be a horrible choice to go up against Johnson or Herseth. For that matter, he'd be a horrible choice for Governor too (which we all know he's itching to run for).

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