What's the buzz in Pierre? (Early April edition)

I finally got back to Pierre today after my early AM flight back from Brookings took a detour to the Denver International Airport where I wasted most of my morning. Ugh. But it did give me a few minutes to catch up on what some of the hot topics of gossip are running around.

*I keep hearing that we should look for State Representative Joel Dykstra to appear as a strong potential to be on the ballot in 2008. Except, not for his current position. The rumor is that we might see him take on one of our 2 Democrats in Washington this next election. We'll just have to wait and see if the rumors turn out to be true.

*I'm also hearing that the State GOP office may have a key staff member departing in the near future. More on that as it develops.

*In case you missed it, Governor Rounds is a grandfather for the first time. Congrats to Chris Rounds and his wife. You only have 6 more to catch up to me.

*Americans for Prosperity have a hard hitting fundraising letter that's going to be in mailboxes soon. In the letter, it names several Republicans and Democrats as receiving their highest honor - the Defenders of Taxpayer Prosperity & Freedom Award. Included in that group are Representatives Brandford, Dennert, Koistenen and Wick, as well as Senators Apa, Greenfield and Frank Kloucek (among others.)

Two other categories are included, but you can see if for yourselves when it comes out.

*One of THE key see and be seen events for Republicans is coming up shortly. The Minnehaha County Lincoln Day Dinner is April 21, 2007 at the Ramkota Exhibit Hall in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Anyone who is a major elected official (or wants to be one) usually makes their presence known at this event.

Social will be 6 pm to 7 pm, dinner at 7:00 pm, and Senator Thune is scheduled to be the keynote speaker at the dinner. Contact the Minnehaha County Republican Party to purchase tickets or with any questions at 605/336-7340 or email minnofc.gop@midconetwork.com

* Otherwise, got a hot tip for me? Drop me a note here.


Anonymous said…
Just as an FYI - Angi, the finance director at the GOP is leaving.
Anonymous said…
Hahahahaha! Joel D....hahahahahaha!

If you could buy him for what he's worth and seel him for what he thinks he's worth, you'd be a very wealthy man.
Anonymous said…
1st, 11:41, Joel needs a job, layoff. I got his last fundraising letter (on what looked like state letterhead) saying that he's running. Not sure for what. Maybe he can fill in at school and public lands, sounds like they have an opening.
Anonymous said…
Joel could get a majority of the republican house members to vote for him in a general election. He may make the last guy who ran against herseth look good.
Anonymous said…
Sorry...that should have been

"Joel couldn't get a majority of the republican house members to vote for him in a general election."

That makes alot more sense.
Anonymous said…
Angi is heading for the Minn. Republican Party. We wish her well when she goes.

PP mentioned that Sen Thune will be in Sioux Falls on Sat, Apr 21. He will be in Watertown the night before to speak at their Lincoln Day Dinner on Fri, Apr 20th. You can call 886-5561 if interested.

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