Bill Napoli's on a roll again. This time, he's dishing it out on wimpy cars.

Bill Napoli, State Senator and owner of the Motion Unlimited Museum and Antique car lot has comments in yet another newspaper today - the Rapid City Journal. And who is his target?

Spendthrift government agencies? Nope. Out of state media? Wrong. It's not even Stan Adelstein. Today he's giving heck to our culture of wimpy cars in today's Rapid City Journal Good, Bad and the Ugly:
The Ugly:

"These big beautiful American cars have been replaced with skinny, anemic, rounded, homely looking communist cars with names like Yugo (huh?) ...."
Yeah! As a former Dodge Dart owner (and as someone who would kill for a Galaxie Convertible) go read it all in the dead tree edition of the Rapid City Journal, or on-line (if they ever get it posted). I had a perfect AMC Matador too once, but it had the distinction of being the first car I ever wrecked. *sigh*

And don't forget to check out Bill Napoli's business website where the politics are invisible but American iron is the only mode of transportation.

(One of Bill's cars for sale that I'd never be able to afford.)


Lee Schoenbeck said…
"AMC Matador" -- and you admit it? Were you wearing a leisure suit a the time?
Anonymous said…
Finally after all these years something I can agree with Napoli on!!
PP said…
Awww. C'mon. It was completely mint. And would go really fast.

At least, until after the accident.
Anonymous said…
OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!! Maybe Mr. Napoli will next grace us with his comparison of metal silverware vs. plastic utensils. Please Mr. Napoli, a dissertation on the advent of the spork and fpoon would be great.
Douglas said…
Big Iron? That car is big fiberglass.

Anemic cars are no fun, but how many more soldiers and billions of dollars does Napoli think we should p*** away on oil and oil wars?
Anonymous said…
It's true. Modern cars are little more than beer cans.
I wish I still had my '58 Jaguar Mark Vlll limousine. It was an incredible pleasure to drive.

They do have a fabulous museum. A lot of rare cars and antiques. Well worth a visit.
Anonymous said…
He should name his used car shop the "Sodomized Religious Virgin Auto Mall."
Douglas said…
2:40 anonymous,

That was very nasty...and very funny.

My son stopped out at his car business. Had a good time talking to the Mrs. there. I would guess even if you can't find a good car there, you might find a good conversation...just don't talk about virgin cars with virgin vinyl seats and virgin tires.

Incidentally, a research study has just indicated that "abstinence education" has essentially zero impact. Compared to nothing, there is no difference in age of first sexual experience or frequency.

A few 100 million down another rathole. As a personal behavior code abstinence may be a policy as supported by people like Napoli and what's her name with the chiropractor husband, it is a failure.

As a car, the policy is dead with flat tires, a leaking fuel tank, and a heck of a parking bill.
the doctor said…
flamingo bob(2:40) and douglass(1:08 &7:58) have apparently missed their medication once again. Take your clozapine and you'll feel better.
Now, douglass, it sounds as though your son is a stalker. There are stiff penalties for that in South Dakota. It would seem he needs help too. It can be hereditary. Perhaps you can get a group rate on counseling.
Anonymous said…
how about honest debate instead of negative nothing talk????
Anonymous said…
Don't forget that in a few year's not so far away all cars will have bubbles around them just as the government is trying to do with people as is some medical divisions also.
Anonymous said…
1:26AM, a little tipsy are we?
Anonymous said…
10:00 a poster. Nope not tispy at all!!!!!!
Cars are ligher in weight for the most part (reduce fuel usage), people like to drive faster and more and more rules and regs are being placed on safety. Thus an air bag here and an air bag there (no pun intended by the way). Soon cars will have a complete airbag (bubble). I just threw in the medical part which is part of the whole.
Don't get me wrong i am for safety but, some of the regs and rules don't need to be mandated. These mandates also jack up the cost of products too.
Look at some of the older cars they have steel & metal in them when you were hit they didn't cave in and cause so much damage. Maybe the car was dented but most of the divers and passengers were safe and unharmed.
Look at what happens when someone hits most bumbers now! almost the full front ends has to be replaced and look out if it was at high impact the front end is gone and so is the car. So we put those airbags in there. I just don't think they have hit the mark yet on any of this.
Anonymous said…
My brother had a Yugo. He could have just as well put it on his back and carried it around as driven it. Yugo only sold in 1988 and 1989 before it went belly up, much like the Soviet Union. Yugo's 1 model wasn't rounded either - more sharp edged ala Ford Fiesta (not to be confused with Ford Festiva which was rounded).

These days, American cars have made a comeback. Cadillacs today are finally world class again after decades of being cookie-cutter chevy's with wimpy engines. Corvettes have more power than they have had at any time since the 1960's. The Hemi is back too. Even the Ford Fiesta and Festiva are replaced by a much better and more powerful Ford Focus.

Bill's complaints would have been more timely in the early 80's.
Douglas said…
"Look at some of the older cars they have steel & metal in them when you were hit they didn't cave in and cause so much damage. Maybe the car was dented but most of the divers and passengers were safe and unharmed."

No. An assertion with no factual basis. Lots of old cars with a big hole where the windshield was punctured with a severed head and a steering wheel was driven through the driver.

The primary threat is probably still drunk drivers rather than car design however.

Never mind the doctor 11:46 PM, his license was suspended years ago and only when his attendants fall asleep can he get his hands on a keyboard. Like 20,000 monkeys typing, it now and then appears as if an actual sentence has been written, but it is all a matter of pure random chance.

Just for the pure hell of it, I will have to look at Napoli's cars next time I am in RC and also chek out the new car display there. Might take a look at the museum at Murdo too. No sense leaving South
Dakota for a little fun.
Anonymous said…
Bill and Peggy Napoli have one of the most interesting stops that I have made while in the Black Hills. Lots on lost memories brought back. Lots of talent displayed! Worth the stop!

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