Congratulations Tony on your award.

I'm sure Sibby is going to give me the business about this one, but I'd like to congratulate Tony Dean on his well deserved nomination to the South Dakota Sports hall of fame:
Tony Dean, who has been on the cutting edge of outdoor and conservation issues for more than 30 years, makes more history this weekend.

Dean, the long-time Pierre resident, is being inducted into the South Dakota Sports Hall of Fame. Dean is thought to be the first outdoor writer and commentator inducted into the Hall and that is something he is proud of.

Dean has spent his career promoting fishing, hunting and conservation. He says his induction indicates that outdoors sports are important to this state.
Read it all here at KCCR News. Tony, who served as press Secretary to Governor Frank Farrar, has long been devoted to the promotion of South Dakota hunting and fishing. While you may or may not agree with him, you have to acknowledge his commitment.



Anonymous said…
The problem with "Tony Dean," aka Tony DeChant, is that he is a complete phony. When Janklow cut off his state funding teet, he turned into a whiny liberal
Anonymous said…
Way to go! Last year Stan got inducted into the SD Hall, and this year, Tony Dean into the SD Sports Hall. Next year Rounds will have two SD Hall of Famers supporting him in his race for U.S. Senate. Good news indeed!
Anonymous said…
I used to be impressed by inductees into the SD Hall. No more! RINO Stan and Phony Tony? Please, tell me you made this up...

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