On a sad note, AP is noting that Senator Johnson's office is being made wheelchair accessible

In an Associated Press story tonight at the Argus Leader, Senator Tim Johnson's staff is noting that the Senator's office facilities are being made wheelchair-accessible, as the Senator is unable to walk and suffers from partial paralysis on his right side:
Johnson, D.-S.D., has been in a private, undisclosed rehabilitation facility since February, when he was released from the George Washington University Hospital in Washington. He is not able to walk and has limited use of his right side.


When he does return, Fisher said, Johnson is expected to use an electric scooter to get around. Staff and Capitol workers are widening aisles and doorways in his office, as well as the area around his desk, and Johnson’s personal bathroom will be refurbished to make it easier for the senator to use.
Read it all here at the Argus Leader.

We (or at least me) at the SDWC wishes Senator Johnson the best in his continued recovery and his return to active status in the United States Senate.

On a national basis, pundits note that South Dakota Republicans are generally squeamish about talking about the election with Johnson's recovery in a state of limbo. And rightfully so. We want him to get well, and most of us are not the type to kick someone when they're down. I hope he recovers and has the opportunity to hold his grandchildren and to enjoy his life.

When it comes to the election, there are so many things up in the air. Will he be able to conduct an aggressive campaign on a demanding schedule? Will the GOP field a credible candidate? Where will the national party organizations stand on all of this?

I think the level of his recovery over the course of the next six months is going to be very telling as to what's going to happen in the election cycle this next year.

Until that time is passed, here's to his continued health and recovery.


DakotaDemocrat said…
This next paragraph or two may seem cold, but here goes.

All compliments and well-wishes aside, I hope for the sake of this state that if he decides to run again, to run again on the up-and-up.

I only want a Democrat in that seat, but...
...he cannot hide.
...he must debate.
...like everyone else running, he must prove his worthiness of earning one of only two spots this state gets in the Senate.

Unfortunately, his decision (and possible performance) on this has the potential to cement more of his legacy than any one bill he's written.
Anonymous said…
most insiders know this is a sham.

it's only a matter of time before the media stops acting like Johnson's and Harry Reid's public relations department and actually asks to interview Johnson while he's doing all this legislative "work" from his hospital bed
DakotaDemocrat said…

You must be real insider, cuz I didn't know he was back at work.

Those darn lying press releases.

"U.S. Senator Tim Johnson continues his recovery in an in-patient rehabilitation facility, where he will spend the Easter holiday with his family. His doctors are pleased with his progress and have released additional information."

Indeed sham...

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