UPDATES - No one left without an rss feed...
A reader opinion poll

I've tracked down the last couple stragglers who didn't have a readily obvious RSS feed - and they're fired up into the system. So, I have the most complete RSS system monitoring in the SD Blogosphere - keeping watch over 35 SD related blogs. Don't see one you know is posting? Drop me a note.

Otherwise, what I've done is aggregated ALL of the RSS feeds into one big feed. Everything in the SD blogosphere will be displayed on the left as it's posted. My question is, would you, the reader, prefer that they all be displayed together like that, or would you prefer them broken out by category (GOP, DEM, and Non-Partisan?).

I want to make it easy to read, and complete, so tell me what you would prefer.


Anonymous said…
Having 10 grassrootsdems posts at the exact same time seems strange.
PP said…
That's because the RSS feeds literally were all posted at once. It should get better.
Anonymous said…
I understand that...it is out of your hand.

You are doing fantastic work. I prefer the all in one format versus the seperate format.
Anonymous said…
I just noticed that the Democrats are post dating their posts so they are at the top.

Typcial of them to be cheating.
PP said…
I don't know that it's intentional. (speaking as a techie) it's based on posting time. The time you or I assign to our feeds doesn't matter - it's assigned a differnt time by the RSS aggregator.
Anonymous said…
Sibby ...

When are you going to realize that everyone isn't out to get you.

That being said, great job PP. I like the feeds. They look great.

I prefer having them all together rather than broken out.

Todd D. Epp said…
Fatboy Lawyer prefers separate feeds. Better signal to noise factor. Plus, I can then ignore the Republican stuff if I want.

Also, I did a major screw up on my S.D. Watch site. You know a little bit of knowledge being a dangerous thing. Hopefully, you'll pick up my Revitalizing the SD Dem. Party and S.D. Fridge Door posts while Squarespace sorts my stupidity out.

Fatboy Lawyer

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