Have I got a ten questions coming up for you!!

Since Jerry Hinkle at the Holabird Advocate is plagarising my schtick with the SD BlogWatch Man (damn, I should have thought of that), I better get back on track with it. And Jerry, I'm jealous because it was extremely interesting, and thoughtful. I can't wait to see SDBWM come back.

I just sent off ten questions to a gentleman who might be my best interview to date.

I might tend to hype, but I think this is going to be one that's linked to across the SDBlogOsphere. I'm really pumped up about this one. Not only do I personally respect this person, but they've been in the media a lot lately.

Since he's a pretty busy guy, it might be a week or so. But when I get it, I think you'll love it.


Publisher said…
All I did was ask! I didn't have to bribe him with a T-shirt. To be fair, I also plagarized BOJ's schtick on that same edition. I wonder if he knows.

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