Of Art, and Dems getting spanked by eBay
Or not. Who knows?

In honor of the new website unveiling, the SDDP has on their website an auction offering of political memorabilia by Willie Nelson. "Monumental Blue (Vote Blue) Painted Canvas Signed by Willie Nelson." They're doing this to raise money for the SDDP. There's several photos of it on the SDDP website, and a fanboy picture of SDDP Executive Director Jason Schulte with Willie Nelson in promotion of the item.

Now, knowing a little about art (only a little) from 15 years of auctions and personal property appraisals, I'm thinking that it's a little puffery, because of some of the photos on what they're auctioning aren't reproduced in a painted medium. If it actually is on canvas, my guess is that it's what's called a giclee' (pronounced gee-clay), a graphic reproduced by a super high quality injet printer on canvas.

I've made no secret of the fact that I love political memorabilia. It's been an on and off again hobby of mine for nearly two decades. So, just in case it was going to be sold on the cheap, I went to eBay to see what it was selling for. Either I could afford it, or at the very least it would make an interesting post.

So, on that basis, I go to the link provided on the State Democratic Party's website, click on it, get this:

Check it out for yourself here. Denied. By the corporation getting all corporationy. Now, I've been an eBay seller since 1997 - BEFORE it was even called Ebay (It was Auction Bay at the time). And I was one of the total dumbasses who will eternally kick myself because I didn't get in on the stock offering. So, I'm initimately familiar with the rules. And I'm wondering "What in the heck did they do to get kicked off of eBay?"

Does anyone have this page cached on their computer? I'm dying to know what it said - at least then I could easily note why "This listing (6557877944) has been removed by eBay or is no longer available."

Now, the SDDP is not the only one hawking art to raise funds. The State Republican Party also has art for sale on it's own website.

According to the SDGOP website, The print is entitled “Leader from the West” by the late Mike Sougstad. Mike Sougstad, was a member of the 1976 and 1980 Reagan campaign staff. He designed the "Reagan Country" buttons that received national attention at the 1980 Republican Convention in Detroit. In 1981, he made this print available to the South Dakota Republican Party to assist with fund raising efforts.

I don't know how successful the State GOP's efforts have been over the years with it's own art sales, but what I do notice is that there are lots available after 25 years have gone by. When I was down at the party offices, only seven years had gone by and the staff at the time had vowed not to do that one again.

So, its probably a safe bet that political parties should stick to direct mail, events, and the like. Art is hell.

UPDATE: Seth from CCK points out "Not to be rude, but before you post something saying the Democrats are "getting spanked by eBay," it might help to read the link on the website that says "Auction starts on Tuesday, Sept 6, 2005."

And, yes, I agree the Dems have now updated their website to note they are starting a new auction on that date. When I originally did this post, I would point out that date notation was not there. But, the link still points to an auction that has been removed. By someone.

And, despite what the website says, I (personally) still say it ain't a painted canvas. It's a giclee'. If you're advertising a painted canvas on eBay and what you're actually selling is a giclee' print, the person who buys it may be really mad at you when they get it.

Speaking from experience, if you're selling on eBay, you better be accurate.


Seth said…
Not to be rude, but before you post something saying the Democrats are "getting spanked by eBay," it might help to read the link on the website that says "Auction starts on Tuesday, Sept 6, 2005."

What is it with you Cons getting worked about about things without being able to get clearly posted information straight? Schaff has been having some trouble with this lately, too.
Steve Sibson said…

At least we conservatives can correct our mistakes. Your buddy Chad instead continues to misstate things like 'Social Security benefits are guaranteed' and 'ANWR was in the 2003 energy bill'even after he was told those statements were false.

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