Another J.A.I.L.breaker sounds off in the Rapid City Journal

Charles Abourezk takes charge and writes a Rapid City Journal Forum explaining the evils of the JAIL amendment, as if we haven't heard it already. But in politics, it's always good to reinforce your message.
The judicial branch, which is supposed to be stronger than the other two branches of government because it does not fear elections or any other punishment by the majority, would instead become the most fearful and weak. This would upset the delicate balance of power between the branches of government.

In truth, we already have immunities all throughout our government and system. We give immunity to our jurors, who sit as judges of the facts at trial. Our legislators already have immunity for what occurs while they are in session, as do many government officials in their official capacity.

We, as voters, retain the ultimate veto power already - the ballot box. We need to trust and rely upon our own power as citizens, and the constitutional framework that our founders created for us, and not be herded into creating courts and government that are paralyzed by fear.

In the end, this initiative's attempt to hand more power to the individual citizens, would instead make us more powerless, against government, against the pressures of the majority and against the fleeting mentality of the mob. We must vote no against the JAIL Initiative, for our own sake.
Read it all here.


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