Shared Parenting Bill Stalled in the House

James at has asked all the SD bloggers to print his message on the status of the shared parenting measure. So, without further ado....
I thought you might like to know about our efforts to get a shared parenting bill passed in the South Dakota Legislature. It has been a rough road but we think this year could be the year.

We all know that children are the first to suffer when a family breaks up. It is a further tragedy when a child loses daily contact with a parent, or forfeits the communal decisions that two parents make together, both common occurrences in custody decisions.

The South Dakota Coalition for Shared Parenting, now in its sixth year, is dedicated to the passage of Senate Bill 112. This bill supports equal rights for all parties who are affected by family dissolution. It offers an additional option to help equitably solve the problems that these broken families face year after year.

The SB 112 Bill has achieved success on the Senate level, recently passing for the second year in a row without a single “no” vote. Unfortunately, last year the House Judiciary Committee instead chose to forward the bill to the non-existent 41st day, effectively killing any possibility of a vote.

Time is of the essence. This bill goes to the Judiciary Committee on February 22nd.

If you have any question please email me or visit our website.

Thank you


One day I was sitting around enjoying an adult beverage with one of my attorney friends. And without discussing it, or any prompting, he looked at me kind of cockeyed and just remarked - "You know, PP. You could never get divorced. With six kids, you could just never afford the child support."

Between the depressing thoughts of the shared parenting thing above, and my friend informing me I could never get divorced, even if I wanted to, I'm just going to be thankful that my wife and I are quite happy.

Or at least she puts up with me despite my flaws.


Thanks for the posting.

Even if you couldn't afford a divorce, could you live with only seeing your kids every other weekend and once during the week?

It's a busy time for us and it's still close. I just hope it makes it to the full House.


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