He's just needin' his J.A.I.L. fix

I had a note tonight from a reader, "Bored One."

As many readers do, he was giving me the business. But I wasn't getting poked for what I was writing. He was trying to nudge me awake for what I wasn't writing about.
Must say I'm shocked not much J.A.I.L. coverage this week. Stegmeier refused to answer Senators questions at hearing, media reports of possible subpoena or criminal charges for it, Senator Moore's home called by dozens of irate JAILers from across the US, Senator Moore's email jammed with viruses and worms. Branson's 1 hour radio interview on "scum" judges. Not to mention tomorrow's almost certain passage and Branson's hints of legal action against the legislature to boot. And that's just one of a dozen news articles.

Tsk tsk.
(Jeez...) Now, by printing this, I'm not picking on "Bored One" by any means. In fact I'm printing his note to me because it's an excellent summation of what's been happening on J.A.I.L. (Amendment E) over the last few days. And it saves me from having to write it up myself.

J.A.I.L. is going to be the hot topic tomorrow in the Senate shortly after they convene at 2pm. And with Senator Lee Schoenbeck using characterizations as he did in the article; such as "the proposed constitutional amendment is backed by the same kind of people who killed a U.S. marshal in North Dakota years ago because they hate the American system of government" You KNOW the floor debate is going to be full of fire - all directed at J.A.I.L.

As Schoenbeck says in tonight's Rapidcityjournal.com:
Sen. Lee Schoenbeck, R-Watertown, said he is ready to debate Amendment E with its main promoter, Californian Ron Branson.

“Anytime, any place, any public forum in South Dakota, I am available,” Schoenbeck said. “We don’t need you here, and we don’t need your trash here. I think you’re chicken, and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.”
But what about the other side of the story? What about those supporters of the measure?

The J.A.I.L. website lists a few supporters on their website. Many are against (such as me) but a few are for. One of those they are citing is Jack McLamb.. From the JAIL website:
Jack McLamb is a retired military veteran and peace officer, and the publisher and executive editor ofAid & Abet Police and Military Newsletter at www.police-and-military-against-the-new-world-order.org

Mr. McLamb was kind enough to do a nice piece on the SD Judicial Accountability effort in his summer addition of Aid & Abet newsletter.
You are probably saying, "Not THE Jack McLamb...." Yeah, ok. I had no idea who he was, either. So, I went and perused his website, and a few web links about him. One link was an interview with Mr. McLamb (Not to be confused with the McDonald's Sandwich, the McRib):
I had a lengthy conversation with veteran police officer, Jack McLamb, yesterday about the coming invasion on America. I asked Jack if he knew of any Chinese, Russian, Cuban troop buildup along the border. His response was " Yes". Jack stated that according to his military sources, there are indeed foreign troops along the border, but not in the numbers that have been reported in panic on the internet. However, the number of troops is still large, and disturbing.

His military contacts have told him that they are not so concerned with the troops along the border as they are with the hundreds of thousands of foreign troops that are stationed at this moment at our military bases around the country who will be called out to "help and assist us during martial law" after the next terrorist attack.


Now, something extremely important: Jack laid out the plan that will be used against the citizens of the United States during Martial law, and here it is. When the next terrorist attack occurs, the foreign troops will be deployed, and the cities will be sealed off, along with the suburbs. However, the government has adopted a new policy to "Not deploy troops to the rural areas". The reason? They are going to allow the riots and the masses from the cities, illegal immigrants, street gangs, looters, thieves, motorcycle gangs, etc., to leave the cities and the suburbs, to go out and rape, pillage, kill, rob and steal from the families that live out in the rural areas and the farming communities.
Okaaaaaayyyy. Then there's the article by Pam Smith in the Recorder (J-Ro over at Straight talk re-printed it the other day) where the author of the Measure, Ron Branson, and the South Dakota Leader of the group, Bill Stegemeier, provide some information about the organization that's working to get the measure passed in South Dakota. And their attire:
Branson boasts of a national JAIL organization with military-esque ranks and titles. He calls himself the National JAIL Commander-in-Chief -- similar, he says, to a five-star general. When he appears at particularly formal events as a representative, like a conference he attended in Virginia, he wears a blue suit with five stars on his chest, and five more on the points of his shirt collar. The ranks below him, he explains, go from lieutenant-commander-in-chief (the equivalent of a four-star general), to jailer-in-chiefs (two-star generals) in charge of each state.


As best he can recall, William Stegmeier, whose company outside Sioux Falls makes grinders for livestock feed, ran across JAIL's Web site and was intrigued enough to donate $100 or so.

"You know, a lot of patriot organizations, sometimes they link to each other," Stegmeier said by cell phone from rural South Dakota. "The name jail4judges does elicit curiosity, no doubt about that."

It wasn't long, Stegmeier added, before he got an e-mail asking him if he wanted to be "jailer-in-chief" for the state.

Since then, he's put up about $140,000 of his own money for a constitutional amendment based on the California JAIL proposal drafted by Branson. Last month, South Dakota's secretary of state declared that the amendment had the 33,456 signatures needed to qualify for the November ballot.

Apparently going for a toned-down image, Stegmeier says he calls his statewide campaign South Dakota Judicial Accountability. And on the campaign trail, he's not really using the jail4judges name -- "We thought it would be a bit too strong for rural South Dakota" -- nor going by his two-star title.
So, Branson is a self-styled five star general, and Stegemeier is (albeit sheepishly) South Dakota's two-star "jailer-in-chief." You know, last time I saw people dressing up based on military ranks they made up, they were pretending to be like Captain Kirk in Star Trek.

In continuing my search on the internet, I came across Mr. Branson's organization mentioned in another blog through blogspot - the Irwin Schiff Tax Evasion Trial Blog (From Irwin's Blog):
Irwin Schiff et. al. Found Guilty This Afternoon

Las Vegas, Nevada - Long time author, lecturer on the income tax, Irwin Schiff and his codefendants were found guilty today on numerous counts of the original indictment.

Why? Primarily and simply because Irwin was NOT allowed to talk about the laws creating an income tax liability or lack thereof - even though he was charged with "Willful failure to file" and other "misdeeds" within Title 26 (Income and other tax) of the US Code.

When the jury asked to see Cindy Neun's well-worn copy of Title 26 USC and/or a new copy of Title 26 USC, the "judge" denied them access to it even after he at first said he would allow it! Further, he instructed the jury according to his will - NOT according to fact and the law! How could he have instructed them about the actual laws when they were not allowed at trial? This has gotten to be an all-too- familiar event within our wayward "court" system.

Gee, let's see here. You are charged with crimes or civil torts, per USC Title 26 BUT you cannot use the laws within USC Title 26 to defend yourself. Yah that's it - that sounds fair, doesn't it? I gotta believe that Irwin will be vindicated upon appeal. In the meantime, People, IT IS TIME!

People of America, it is time to wake up!

People of America it is time to get behind J.A.I.L. For Judges !

People of America - YOU can become directly (even anonymously) involved TODAY by calling and telling the folks you know in South Dakota about this important legislation and also by simply donating a few bucks to the great and successful efforts in South Dakota RIGHT NOW! See South Dakota Judicial Accountability

YOU can be a part of American history TODAY! With J.A.I.L. For Judges we can put this tyrannical, criminal judiciary and government back in its place!

You can think about this all you want but no matter what peaceful solution you come to about solving the Citizen's of America problems with their government, you WILL need the courts at some point! So we MUST start with passing J.A.I.L. in every state and at the federal level FIRST to assure fair and equitable trials no matter the issue before the court! Otherwise, we will all get similar results to Irwin Schiff and scores of others who have been mauled in our current "courts" by criminal and malfeasant judges at all levels of government when subjects that they hate to see contested - show up before them.

You can become involved in your state or do the simplest of duties by simply sending $20 or as much as you can afford to give for this important cause via Pay Pal

VictoryUSA@jail4judges.org at PayPal.

Or mailed to:

Ron Branson, JAILer-In-Chief
P.O. Box 207
North Hollywood, California 91603

Make checks payable to "J.A.I.L."

Your Help and Donations Are Deeply Appreciated Most Especially In South Dakota At This Time!



Posted 1:51 PM by Irwin
Here's a guy with a website called PayNoIncomeTax.com being sent to jail for, oddly enough, not paying his taxes. What's does he apparently believe is the remedy for convictions like his? The Judicial Accountability act.

So, at this point, all I can say is that the vote is tomorrow. Call your Senator or Representatives and let them know what you think about this measure. And see what happens after 2pm.

(Bored One, am I off the hook now?)


Anonymous said…
Hey PP,

These guys are kooks and anti-government nut cases but, you left out the name of one of the most prominent J.A.I.L.ers.

Dr. Allan Unruh of Unruh Chiropractic Clinic is listed as one of the supporters. Yes, that would be Roger Hunts' buddy from the abortion task force. Dr. Allan Unruh self appointed protector of all things right and good in South Dakota.

Yes these are nuts and kooks and there are nuts and kooks on the outer fringes of each party. But these are the nuts and kooks from the good old GOP.

Might be kind of fun to sit back and watch Sen. Lee Schoenbeck blame this on Hollywood. Talk about trotting out all the old Right Wing whipping boys.
Anonymous said…
Right on, P. The MSM have absolutely given these nuts a free ride and have done no background at all. Apparently Munson-bashing is more important to them then investigating a group that managed to hoodwink tens of thousands of average South Dakotans.

How they missed this story during the petition drive just amazes me. The rope is playing out now, however, they'll hang themselves with it. Lee needs to not even engage with these mutts. It just gives them legitimacy and makes, like Nick says, the rest of us GOP's look bad by simple association.

I can't believe the Dems will be dumb enough try to hang us with the association, however. For every JAILer, there's an EarthFirster out there, after all...
Douglas said…
I got the same message from "bored one". I guess I don't take anything from sources like that very seriously. If they have a real name, real address and actual SD phone number...etc....etc.

Of course when somebody like Gary Moore can get so fired up he says something like "They can go to hell", I did manage to connect the statement with the subject...even if I had not heard anymore than that single sentence.

I do think we need somebody besides lawyers and lawyers' employees, judges cousins, etc on a judicial qualification board however. Hairdressers probably have better supervision.

And even if a judge gets his rearend kicked off the bench, he still gets a lifetime pension.

A short summary of a lawyer's comment after a hearing I attended..
"You had C for an attorney, B had Y for an attorney, C had Z for an attorney, and J didn't need an attorney..he had the judge." Never removed from the bench, I suspect he is now rotting in hell...if there really is any justice.

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