Per the RCJ - Tom Hennies is running for a new job

From today's Rapid City Journal:

State Rep. Tom Hennies, R-Rapid City, announced Saturday that he plans to run for the Rapid City Council. Hennies, a former Rapid City police chief with 35 years of law enforcement experience, has been in the South Dakota House for eight years, representing District 32. He cannot run for another House term because of term limits approved by state voters. And he will not run against incumbent Sen. Stan Adelstein, R-Rapid City, for the District 32 Senate seat.

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Ben Nesselhuf said…
I'm going to miss Tom in Pierre. Rapid City is lucky to have him.
Anonymous said…
yes we are,,lol,,,all the smoking sex offenders in rapid city are smiling from ear to ear,,,to bad he is running against a very good city councilman,,we need to get rid of a couple council folks, but, sam kooiker is not one of them.

rapid city resident...
Anonymous said…
Hennies is running against the wrong guy. I don't agree with Sam Kooiker all the time, but he and Mike Schumacher are the only ones questioning anything on the council. we need to keep those two guys.
Anonymous said…
I hope the voters really look at the potential conflicts. As a former city employee, I wonder what pet projects and axes he has to grind. We all should know that he is big government guy. The voters should beware about his spending priorities prior to the elections.
AbdnorRules said…
Tom Hennies is the wrong guy at the wrong time for Rapid City. He is too full of himself
PP said…

HA! I love the name. Tell me you're doing a blog about Jim.

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